Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are pleased to provide you with a place in which you will find information about bullying in a single location. Please click on the links below to find information about policies, procedures, and grade level curricula pertaining to bullying.  We hope you find this information helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

Grade 6 lessons:  Below please find a list of topics related to bullying for grade 6. Most of these lessons are taught by WMS School Counselors with follow up by grade 6 teachers.

  •  Identifying hurtful behavior
  •  Identifying harassment
  •  Defining bullying
  •  Defining ally behavior
  •  Defining bystander behavior
  •  Discussing conflict escalations
  •  The Grade 6 SEED Program in April discusses active and passive ally behaviors and considers strategies for becoming an effective ally.

Grade 7 lessons: 

  • The Grade 7 Health curriculum includes a “Speaking Up” lesson, which seeks to create a safe school environment by asking students to agree or disagree with statements regarding bullying.

Grade 8 lessons

  • The Grade 8 Health curriculum lessons include discussions on healthy and unhealthy decision-making by asking students to explore the Power and Control Wheel.




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