Morning Announcements for Thursday, October 4, 2018


Attention 6th Graders: This is the second day of 6th grade conferences with your teachers and parents. As a reminder;

*Please be sure to bring a PEN with you today.

*Stick with your homeroom and keep an eye out for your HW buddy.

*Please keep all materials you need with you as your teachers will be in conferences.

*Eat snacks during events in homeroom or during Period 3, if your teacher allows.

* Ms. Speed and Ms. Wheeler’s Period 1 Drama class will meet in room 363 today. Ms. Speed’s   Period 4 Drama class will meet in room 207 today.

IMPORTANT NOTE for all Grade 6 teachers and students – please listen carefully. House W, S and R teachers, your assembly is scheduled to START at 8:00am.

As soon as the morning announcements are done, please escort your class to the assembly. House WMS and M teachers, your assembly is scheduled to start at 9:00.

To avoid tons of hall traffic, you should leave your classrooms just after 8:45am or so. Come in by Gym A/Auditorium back entrance, not the sides.

We’ll seat you and start by 9:00am.  Elective teachers: These students may be a few minutes late to Period 3.

* The Math Club will be meeting today after school in room 308.

* The BRCC Barton Road Community Center tutoring program will run today from 4:00 –  6:00pm. You are welcome to drop in to work on assignments, get organized, prepare for a test or quiz,

   or ask questions of current WMS teachers. We hope to see you there!

* Dungeons and Dragons Club is looking for students with Dungeon Master experience to run campaigns. Any students with experience as a DM and interested in running a game on 

  Thursdays, please see Ms. Cohen today in room 325.

Intramurals today: Fitness Center is open to 7th & 8th graders only. Open Gym is in Gym B and is open to all WMS students.

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