~Today is Monday, June 10, 2024, Day 3

~Block rotation: C, A, B, Advisory, D, G, E, F

~Lunch: 6, 8, 7

Quiet lunch will meet in Room 208B today. 

A Message from the Tech Deck:  

  • A reminder to all 8th grade students AND to students who are not returning to WMS in the fall. Please finish backing up your iPads tonight.  Your iPads will receive the wipe/release message during G Block (7th period) tomorrow.  When your iPad receives this message, all content on your device will be deleted.  Please make sure you backup your iPads tonight.

  •  To anyone who has had a Loaner iPad because your iPad has been in for repairs, you will also need to back up those iPads tonight and return them to the Tech Deck at the end of the day tomorrow.

  • A couple of reminders to ALL WMS Students: 

    • All Loaner iPads and district owned iPads will be collected tomorrow (Tuesday):

      • during G Block (7th period) (where ever possible) 

      • OR just after the bell at the end of the day . 

  •  iPads should not come to school on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Loaner iPads are not available this week.

Students will be allowed access to D’Auria Drive for bus arrival and dismissal purposes only due to the construction site next door. We are not permitting walking around D’Auria Drive during school hours and no students should be loitering around the fences at any time.

There are still 112 books checked out from the library. Please bring your books back as soon as possible!

Reminder to all students: please be mindful of your behavior. We expect you to conduct yourselves appropriately all the way until the end of the school year.

Have a good day everyone!


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