Hello Hardy families:

Hardy has a solid reputation for being a safe, caring and supportive environment for students, staff and families. As such it is nice to know that we all care a great deal about how our car drop off procedures are going. Let’s all work together to continue to be known for our kindness and caring ways by working together to improve our car drop off and pick up procedures.

Some reminders:

The following rules and regulations were developed for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of children.

Car Line:

Always pull all the way forward as far as you can to make room for more cars.

Children should never enter or exit from the driver side of the car at drop off or pick up.
Drop off is a “live” process– you should never park there for a school activity.

If you see a gap in the car line chances are that car is not part of our Hardy car line. It could be associated with construction taking place at one of the houses or it could be someone visiting one of the residents on the road. In cases such as these you should pass that car.

If you pick up in the car line you must have an identification card (made by you or the school) clearly visible for staff to see so they can call your child’s name. Remind your child to be on the lookout for your car.

Passing is allowed on Hardy Road only when Ms. Cook waves you around cars at drop off or pick up. We cannot have other staff in the street and we cannot have parents passing on their own. Ms. Cook will be outside unless she is attending a meeting on or off site.


Cars are not permitted to park on Hardy Road before or after school.

Cars are not permitted to park or enter the front parking lot for the purpose of dropping off or picking up children from school.

Cars are not permitted to park in the parking lot so that parents can pick their children up at the walker area.

Cars are not permitted to drop off or pick up in the “loop”- Weston Road driveway in front of the school where the bus drops off and picks up unless it is after 8:30 a.m. In that case, you must park and walk your child into the school to sign them in late.


Morning Drop-off is between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m. in the horseshoe drive on Hardy Road. Placing car seats on the passenger side of your vehicle allows young children to disembark away from the line of traffic. Please teach your child how to unbuckle his/her seat belt.

Afternoon Pick-up on Hardy Road begins at 3:05 p.m. Identification cards are available to place on your dashboard; if you need one call Janet. Follow the line of traffic down Hardy Road, around the circle and along the building. When you reach the sidewalk area parallel to the building, your child may load into your vehicle.

Auction Winners:

Auction Winners: There are two special marked spaces for two specific families who won spots at the Hardy Auction. Those spots are in the front of the car pick up line and a car space marked in the front parking lot.


If you would like to meet your child on the grassy area outside the gym and escort him/her to your car, you may wish to park on Lafayette Circle (across Weston Road) or on Hickory or Lawrence Roads (abutting the playground). If you park on one of these streets, be courteous of the residents: park on one side of the street only and be careful not to drive on the grass. Do not turn in private driveways. Please use the crossing guard when crossing Weston Road.

Change of Plans:

If your plans for dismissal change, please write a note to the classroom teacher. If this change occurs after your child is in school, please call the office. The school secretary will make sure your child’s teacher knows of the change. If the school is notified late in the school day we can not guarantee that your child will get the message unless you receive a call or email confirming that we are able to pass on this information to your child.

Arrival and dismissal reminder
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