Hello Hardy families:

I have attended two presentations by Dr. Englander and she is amazing. I am going to attend and I encourage you to attend as well.

Cyberbullying Presentation at the WMS

On Thursday, December 15, 2016 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in the WMS Auditorium, there will be a presentation on “Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying and Screen Time” by Dr. Elizabeth Englander from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) at Bridgewater State University. Dr. Englander will cover the challenges parents face with modern-day middle school students on the issues of screen time, social conflict, bullying, cyberbullying and the use and over use of social media. This presentation will give parents concrete tips and new perspectives about how to address and educate their children about using social media and how to maximize their social success in school and online. The goal is to help families feel more in control of digital technology and social dynamics. Attendees will learn about research on the most effective ways that parents/guardians can address common digital struggles while helping their children socially.

Although intended for a middle school audience, the event is open to all members of our community. Many thanks to our WPS Technology Department and WMS PTO for securing a grant that will bring this important topic to our school.

Hello Hardy Families
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