Dear Sprague Community,

It’s finally Election Day! It seemed like the campaigning would go on forever! After listening to all the ads for the New Hampshire senate race, I felt like I should have been able to weigh in.

In terms of voting at Sprague, voters are only allowed to enter the gym and use the gym door to enter and exit the building. There is no school access for voters, so if you happen to vote here, please be sure to follow that guideline. Students do not use the bathrooms near the gym during lunchtime on Election days.

Don’t forget that Walk to School Day is tomorrow (Nov. 9)

I often hear parents and teachers talk about video games, computer games, screen time for kids and what kind of limits might be appropriate. I do believe that each family needs to make decisions and set guidelines that work for the family’s lifestyle. There are many books and articles on the topic. Recently, our Technology Director Kathy Dooley, shared some resources. One is an article from the CNN website and the other is a template that families could use to make a plan for screen time guidelines. Additionally, Wellesley teachers will be hearing author Catherine Steiner-Adair speak on Nov. 28 about protecting childhood and family relationships in the digital age. Her book is titled, “The Big Disconnect.”

Screen time article:

family media plan.pdf

Dates to remember:

Nov. 9: Walk to School Day

Nov. 9: Parent conferences

Nov. 10: PTO meeting at 9 AM

Nov. 11: Veteran’s Day—no school

Nov. 16: PLC meeting time

Nov. 21: School Council @ 3:15 PM

Nov. 24, 25: Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 28: Professional Day—No school for students

Dec. 8: Cookie Walk

Dec. 21: Day of Play –more info to follow

Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–November 8, 2016
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