Dear Sprague Community,

Today we had our Emergency Drill. It went really well. Four Wellesley Police Officers were on hand to support us. All classes had walked to a meeting place during the past 2 weeks and had conversations about practicing this new kind of drill. At the beginning of the day, I read the following over the loudspeaker:

“We practice many procedures to be safe at home and at school…fire drills, bus evacuation, wearing helmets, crossing at crosswalks. Your teachers talked to you about a new emergency drill at Sprague. We will practice that new drill this morning 2 grade levels at a time.The job of the adults at school is to keep you safe. Your job is to STOP LOOK LISTEN and your teachers will tell you what to do. It is important to listen because the directions could change depending on where you are. Today, we will practice going outside quickly and safely and move towards the meeting place your teacher showed you.

I will make an announcement for each grade level when it is time to practice this drill. You will ONLY practice when it is your grade level’s turn. You will go outside and Wellesley Police officers will tell you how far towards the meeting place to go. We won’t go all the way to meeting places for this drill today. When your class and your teacher are all together outside, you will come back in. When we have a fire drill, the firefighters come to help us and make sure we can get out quickly. Today, Wellesley Police will be here to help and this will be very much like that except that you will go farther from the building and won’t have to wait for your teacher. As I said, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you STOP LOOK and LISTEN for adult direction and follow the directions.”

Students and teachers did a great job, they exited quickly and calmly, came back inside, and went about their day. We tried to make this feel like a ‘normal’ drill for students even though it may feel different for adults. I’d like to recognize the great work of our teachers and staff and the Wellesley Police Department as we plan and practice to be safe and prepared for any emergency.

End of Year Picnic

The PTO sponsored  End of Year Picnic is scheduled for June 11. Look for more information to follow in the Pulse. This is generally a Bring Your Own Food event. Check updates from PTO to see if there will be items available for purchase.

Field Day

Field Day will take place on June 12. Ms. Flitsch will be looking for parent volunteers to run activities and stations. Look for a note from her with a sign up!

Request from Nurse

AS you may be aware, we have several students who are very susceptible to any contagious disease. Therefore, we ask that you inform the nurse if your child has any infection (such as strep, pneumonia, flu, etc.) This will help to limit possible harmful exposures for the affected students. Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.     –Sharon

Playground/School Access After Hours

With the nice weather, it is fun to stay and play outdoors. The Sprague structures are always open for student and family use after hours. The school building is locked and students should not re-enter after dismissal unless they are accompanied by a parent or other adult. If your child forgets something or needs to use the restroom, please come with him or her and ring the front doorbell. This entrance is monitored until 4 PM. After 4 PM, the door bell will not be answered. There are portable restrooms available on the Sprague Fields if you need them. Thanks for your understanding.

Dates to remember:

May 24: Grade 5 Chorus/Band/Orchestra Concert at 9:00 AM

May 28: No school—Memorial Day

June 5: Walk to School Day

June 11: BYO Picnic

June 12: Field Day (raindate is June 14)

June 19: Grade 5 Celebration at 9 AM

June 20: Last day of school—11:50 Grade 5 Clap Out; 12:00 Dismissal 

Weekly Note from Ms. Snyder–May 23, 2018
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