Dear Sprague Community,

As June begins, there are many end of school year activities going on.

You may remember that back in September, students took the “Choose to be Nice “ Pledge, promising to do what they can to spread kindness and to choose to be nice wherever and whenever possible. At different times during the school year, we reminded students of our Sprague core values—HEART (Helping, Effort for Excellence, Appreciation and Acceptance, Respect and Responsibility, and Teamwork). We also told them of the “Choose to be Nice” program values—many of which are the same—Respect, Kindness, Acceptance, Teamwork, Honesty, Responsibility, Friendship, Patience, and Courage. We invite students, staff, and families to participate in “Choose to be Nice” Week from June 4-8, 2018. We hope students think of these values and hold them close as they grow and make decisions each day. The idea is to remind ourselves that our everyday actions matter to those around us and that we have the power to make our days pleasant and make someone else’s day better too! Here is the idea:

  • Make it Matter Monday—make what you do and how treat others matter to them!
  • Teamwork Tuesday—work together and have fun
  • Welcoming Wednesday—be sure to be welcoming and inclusive while you play
  • Thankful Thursday—be grateful for the many great things in our school
  • Friendship Friday—speaks for itself—be super friendly

With summer approaching, our fantastic librarian, Ms. Jauniskis, has posted information about summer reading on the library blog:


Quick reminder about bringing items to recess:

We have equipment and students may bring their own balls—basketball, soccer, etc. We ask that students not bring hard lacrosse balls, hard baseballs, or baseball bats.

Dates to remember:

June 1: Concert featuring Grade 2—parents invited

June 5: Walk to School Day

June 11: Sprague Family Picnic—Bring Your Own

June 12: Field Day (raindate is June 14)

June 19: Grade 5 Celebration at 9 AM

June 20: Last day of school—11:50 Grade 5 Clap Out—12:00 dismissal

Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–May 31, 2018
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