Dear Sprague,

Happy Monday to all!  I hope everyone enjoyed a nice weekend outside as the weather was lovely.

Your Sprague family would like to acknowledge and send our deep respect today and always to our medical community!  I know we have plenty of Sprague family members that are active medical professionals that work hard all day every day.  In times of great need, these talented professionals continue to treat those in need while putting their own needs to the side.  Our respect and gratitude runs deep for all of these professionals in our Sprague family and across the world.  

As we enter our first full week of the Remote Learning site, which can be accessed at , please continue to explore the practice and enrichment offerings and ask any questions.

I am here and happy to support in any and all ways during this time.  It is a fact that I/your Sprague family misses you. So, I wanted to send a video message of hello.  If possible, please share with the kids at home and follow the message with a great big hug to each! Each week, I plan to send a few short video messages to the students.  Please remember the old adage: It is the thought that counts. I say this only because I never claimed to be good on camera – ha!

Also, Ms. J, Sprague’s talented librarian, would like to offer a bedtime story to Sprague.  Perhaps this evening as you wind down from another day full of more questions than answers, please share the following video with the kids:

Until next time, always do your best and be patient with yourselves/each other during this time.  In addition to the students being missed, you all are missed as well!



Happy Monday
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