Hello Sprague,

I hope everyone is well.  You all are missed and loved.

As we enter day ten of school closures, social distancing, and every other change to life as we knew it, I find myself always thinking of our Sprague students/families, our medical community, others on the front line in various ways, and our personal loved ones.  Always first and foremost, the health and safety of these said loved and deeply respected groups, in addition to the remainder of the world, is of top priority. Please be well and healthy.

In regards to school closure and remote learning, your Sprague family and the WPS District appreciate your active engagement as you have suddenly found yourself to be homeschooling in a variety of ways.  We are grateful for your help in that new role and we also recognize the challenges that this new role may create. Having said this, I am also confident that there are plenty of successes to celebrate as well.  Celebrating success is always important no matter how big or small. The shared pictures certainly highlight many successes. Kudos! 

Please note that at the original onset of the WPS closure, the plan was for a short-term closure of two weeks.  As a result of the original short-term two-week closure, the District revealed its two-week remote learning plan that consisted of both enrichment and practice opportunities.  Since the original closure back on March 12th, an additional week was added per the Governor, and just yesterday an additional longer school closure was enforced. The District has been and continues to work actively and collaboratively on the enhancement of the remote learning plan/active engagement and as a result, additional communication will follow related to this topic.  Your understanding is always appreciated.

I continue to encourage you to visit https://wellesleyps.org/ and engage in the opportunities currently offered through the remote learning site.  I also encourage you to visit the daily morning messages shared with you by your classroom teacher(s).  In addition, our specialist teachers (Art, PE, Music, Library, Spanish) have morning messages that are also being shared and suggested activities per his/her discipline.  In addition, please keep an eye out for weekly suggestions from special educators/related service providers/English Language. Each educator encourages and welcomes contact with his/her students. Please reach out to these educators and visit the sites.  

We respect and acknowledge that each family has different routines and experiences based on this world-wide situation.  As stated above, health and safety take priority for all and we support you when making learning decisions for you child(ren).  You have our support.

I look forward to sending a video message to our loved and deeply missed Sprague students twice per week – Mondays and Fridays.  If possible, please share these video messages with your child(ren) and encourage him/her to record and send his/her own and/or an email message.  I wholeheartedly welcome contact with each student as does the entire Sprague staff (teachers, specialists, special education/related service providers, EL – all of the staff!) Please keep an eye out for Friday’s video message at the end of this week.

In the meantime, look for those silver linings as sometimes it may feel as though they are hard to find, but know they are there.

In closing, Thoughts of Dog:  i just love you



Hello Sprague! March 26, 2020
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