Dear Sprague,

Always first and foremost, HELLO.

I hope that all families are healthy and well.  Even though we all continue to be in some sort of disbelief about this worldwide situation, I believe that there has now been time to digest and create a new way of life different from the one before.  However, please remember that different is not a negative. It simply means different.

As stated in a previous communication, our thoughts and deep gratitude continue to extend to our medical community and all the essential workers that are on the front lines.  You are honored, appreciated, and loved.

Please know that my inbox is always open for business accepting new pictures, videos, notes, or anything else the kids would like to share.  As I work from home, I welcome any and all opportunities to be connected to the students. I continue to be dismayed that my actively blooming relationship with the kids was abruptly put on hold.  I have no doubt that that precious relationship will remain in bloom during this hiatus, but anything I can do to remain connected with the kids is of the utmost importance. Please see my video to students here.  You can also find my videos on the remote learning site

Video Message March 28, 2020

A message was received from the Superintendent in the afternoon of Friday, March 27th.  As stated in his message, the entire district, not just one person or another, have been working collaboratively to deliver new ways of learning in a landscape that changes daily, if not hourly.  Please know that feedback of all shapes and sizes has been received, has been heard, is being digested, and is appreciated. This feedback is actively being used to readjust, move forward, and provide enhancements to the remote learning.  This remote learning is being thoughtfully planned to take into account the varying needs of families, staff, and our students. As a result, the district looks forward to sharing this enhanced version of learning as early as next week.  

I am thrilled to be invited to join the various Google Hangout and/or Zoom meetings that are being scheduled by classroom teachers and other staff members.  I know the staff are thrilled to be offering these virtual meetings to see his/her students and simply connect. Please be patient with this process as it is being unfolded.  It is a great opportunity under our current circumstances, but it certainly will never replace the face-to-face that a live classroom brings. I ask you to review the set expectations put forth by the host teacher and to accept and adhere to privacy expectations for both students and staff.  So exciting!

Today’s silver lining is experiencing the warmth of the sun sending a subtle message that everything will be just fine.

Thought of Dog:  i decided that today. is bring your human to work day. we stared out the window for hours. and they helped me spot the cars. it was magical

Now if these memes do not make you smile….

Until early next week, wishing you a happy weekend.



Hello – March 28, 2020
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