Dear Sprague,


We always work to find an appropriate balance of screen time use in our children for all the obvious reasons.  As adults, we continue to find ourselves trying to figure out that same balance. These days are no different, but as we all work remotely, that balance has been completely off kilter.  Having said this, one silver lining for today was opening my inbox and finding a slew of responses to my video challenge sent to students on Saturday. So grateful and as a result, it was sheer joy being in my inbox today.  Go, Sprague! Please do not lose sight of those silver linings because they do exist and are waiting to be found!

As a result of reading Last Stop on Market Street, the following are some suggested themes.  If only I could share all the themes shared with me.  Here are just a few:

Grateful for what you have – Anya Lilley, 1LB

Beauty in everyday things – Sophie Lilley, 3JB

Find the beauty in things – Grace Conway, 3JL

Don’t need expensive stuff to be happy – Jack Conway, 5KC

I think the lesson of the story is to appreciate the things that you already have. Everyone is lucky in a different way. – Ronan Merchea, KJM


Please see your next clue through today’s video message.  Using this newly introduced book title and the clues from Last Stop on Market Street, what could this week’s theme be?

Picture Book Challenge


Sprague Specialists

Please continue to visit the Remote Learning site to view the slides from all Sprague specialists!  Each would love to hear from his/her students.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

In light of our school closure, we are postponing the parent-teacher conferences originally scheduled for March 31, April 1, and April 8. Our primary focus between now and May 4th is remote learning. We will consider alternative options for the spring parent-teacher conferences and will share this plan with you in the coming weeks. We appreciate your continued support during this uncertain time. 


Note from Chris Babicz, School Nurse

Tick Newsletter March 2020.pdf 


Until our next communication, my inbox is open for business!  Keep up the great work, Sprague!  I am so proud.

Thought of Dog:  it was very chilly during our walk today. when i tried to hop in a puddle. i slid across it instead. i am not a penguin. i would like a refund




Hello – March 30, 2020
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