Dear Sprague,

Hello.  You all are missed.

As another week comes to a close, my heart grows bigger with love and respect for our Sprague family – students, parents, guardians, and educators.  As a family, we are a team that celebrates successes and tackles challenges and difficult conversations with respect, patience, and understanding.  I am most grateful for my Sprague family.

I hope those silver linings continue to shine through.  At times when it feels difficult to find one, please look harder because they are there!

The feedback given, received, and welcomed is that of: Please share what specifically has been happening, regarding learning, since the March closure.  Great question! Rather than a lengthy narrative, I have highlighted a timeline to provide a more clear picture of this process.

Learning Timeline

March 13th – March 27th

  • Original two-week closure per Dr. David Lussier, Superintendent

March 13th – 19th:

  • “4 snow days” that will be made up in June

  • During those “snow” days”, the Remote Learning website was being completed to be used as a two-week plan during what was the original two-week closure

March 20th – April 3rd:  

  • WPS Remote Learning Plan found on the WPS website

  • Approximately two-week temporary plan based on the original two-week closure

  • Independent reinforcement and practice of previously taught skills

  • Zoom and Google Hangout meetings with teachers began (week of March 30th and on)

April 6th – May 4th:  

  • As a result of the now extended closure through April

  • Phased-in WPS Remote Learning Plan 2.0 to be launched

  • Please note additional details/specifics to be shared by Dr. David Lussier on April 6th

  • As a result of the Superintendent’s April 6th communication, I will follow up

  • More robust, structured, engaging learning plan for students/families

  • Guiding questions used to build plan:

  1. Content to be taught

  2. Content Learning and Class Check-Ins

  3. How will content be delivered

  4. Frequency of delivery

  5. Standards to be addressed 

  6. Synchronous/Asynchronous learning

I welcome the various parent calls I have been lucky enough to have been engaged in over this past week, in particular.  I encourage you to reach out and plan a call especially when you have questions, comments, or thoughts you would like to share.  Collaborating with other families, especially in times of need, is always understood and supported. Please continue to do so, but please remember what I shared when we met on day one in early September….my door is always open.  The word appreciated does not seem to do it justice when I say your patience and understanding during this time is appreciated.


Weekly Reading Challenge

Were you able to rise to the reading challenge?  I know many did, and for that I am grateful and proud!  After reading Last Stop on Market Street and Flight School, I received many responses to the possible theme for this week.  After reading Flight School, I received the following student thoughts:

  • The penguin wants to fly but he still appreciates he is a penguin.  Lucy Richlin 1LB

  • I think the theme of the book is “always to look at the good side of things, not the bad.” Claire Wells 2BH

  • I think the lesson from “The Last Flight” is that even if you aren’t built to do something, if on the inside you believe you can do it then maybe you can do it.  Ivy Libby 1LB

  • I think the lesson is never give up.  Maya Lee 3JB

  • Your dreams can always come true with a little help.  Hugo Harrison KJM and William Harrison 2BH

  • I think the moral of the story is to never give up.  Will Tricolli 3JB

  • I think the lesson in Flight School is even though you can’t do it the right way it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  Jack Tricolli 3KF

  • Both books represent someone helping another person. Both books have a main character not appreciating what they already have but they end up getting something better. Jack Tartamella 2AR

I took these brilliant ideas above, and I married them to the brilliant ideas shared from Last Stop on Market Street, and I am sharing with you my thoughts on this week’s theme.  Please take a peek to see what you think.

Video.April 3.2020

What will next week’s theme be?  If you would like to make a suggestion for a theme and/or for a book to be shared, please send me a note.

Thought of Dog:  today. i wasn’t a very good dog  april fools. i was so good

Healthy and happy first.



Hello – April 3, 2020 Update
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