Hello Upham Community!

As we navigate this new learning model, there are important ways for parents and guardians to set students up for a successful day of learning — whether they are learning from home or learning in the school building. Please note the following guidance:

Successful Routines for BOTH in-person and at-home learning: 

  • Establish consistent routines and schedules around bedtime so that your child(ren) has a good night’s sleep and is ready each morning for their learning.
  • Be sure your child(ren) eats a healthy breakfast.
  • Establish a quiet place for your child(ren) to complete any homework; away from distractions and unnecessary technology (e.g. TV, cellphones). 
  • Encourage your child(ren) to be as independent as they can when working on any homework. 
  • Support your child(ren) only when they ask for help; resist the temptation of being too involved in their work. Consider yourself their “consultant” rather than trying to “fix” the situation or “take over” as the teacher. 
  • If your child(ren) become overly frustrated with an at-home assignment, allow them to take a break or to put it aside; encourage them to seek help when they see their teacher next; refrain from trying to solve their problem and/or teaching your child(ren) how to complete the assignment.
  • Reach out to their teacher(s) when there are concerns or worries.

Back To School Night

Our “Back to School” night is Wednesday, October 21. The office staff and specialist will provide videos for you to view on our WPS Upham website. Our fourth and fifth-grade classrooms have already completed their programs. Kindergarten and first grade will present their programs from 6:00 pm until 6:30 pm. Our second and third grades will present from 6:45 pm until 7:15 pm. Please look for your teacher’s Zoom link for your classroom presentations.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Robin (Outstanding School Secretary) will send you a sign-up for our parent-teacher conferences on Monday, October 19. The conference dates are Tuesday, October 27. That is an early release day and kids will dismiss at 12:00 pm. Wednesday, October 28 is the second conference day and that is an all-remote day. Our final conference day is Tuesday, November 3. Please follow along on this one. This is an all-remote 1/2 day. The students will be dismissed from their Zoom meetings at 12:00 pm. Wednesday, November 4 will be a full day for Cohort B. Please do not feel bad if you are confused. We have fully licensed physicians who are confused by this schedule. If you have questions please contact Robin (Outstanding School Secretary).

One more thing to consider…I met with the teachers yesterday to reassure them of the outstanding service they are providing your children. I met with them because I could see in their eyes the exhaustion and self-doubt they are having during this difficult time. My suggestion to them, more of a demand, was to go home and turn off their devices. Step away from the situation. I would offer you the same advice. Step away from your device. Find time for yourself. It will be ok. I am certain the work you are doing will be there upon your return. And… your attitude will be better. Please find the time to reflect. More importantly please find time to have some fun. Laugh and then laugh some more. Thank you for your support! Enjoy your weekend.

Dare to Dream,

Mr. Dees


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