The Wellesley High School Council serves as the legislative branch of the school government. The Council is responsible for conducting open discussions and making recommendations on matters of school policy, school culture, curriculum, and other issues brought to its attention from its respective constituencies of the Student Congress, Faculty Senate, PTSO, local residents and the principal.

2022-23 School Council

Principal (Ex- officio):

  • Jamie Chisum, Co-Moderator


  • Olivia Frank
  • Evelyn Harrison
  • Vaani Kapoor, Co-Moderator
  • Charles Macken
  • Fatima Sillah


  • Zach Biedermann
  • Melissa Gray
  • Michael Krieger
  • Shayla Vines


  • Lisa Fico (2021-2023)
  • Tarah Hirschey (2021-2023)
  • Marisa Gandler (2022-2024)
  • Ellen Subramaniam (2022-2024)

Community Member:

  • Davida Fox-Melanson

To contact School Council with questions or suggestions, please email:

For upcoming meeting dates, please click here to see the Town of Wellesley Meeting Calendar.

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School Council Bylaws

School Council Meeting Minutes: 2022-2023

School Council Meeting Minutes: Archives

WHS – School Improvement Plan 2013-2016

WHS – School Improvement Plan 2016-2019

WHS – School Improvement Plan 2019-2020

WHS – School Improvement Plan 2022-2023

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