* Today is Grade 6 and Grade 8 Science MCAS make-up day. Grade 8 will be held in room 204 during Period 2. Grade 6 Science MCAS make-up is during Period 1 in room 204.

* Just a reminder, today is the Kwame Alexander assembly for grades 6 & 7 during Period 2.

* Memorial Day Assembly is Friday. Period 1 will include students from Grade 8 and Houses R, S & WMS, starting at approximately 8 a.m. Period 2 will include students from Grade 7 and Houses M & W, starting at approximately 9 a.m. The tradition of silence will continue this year

and ALL students should remain silent as they are called to the auditorium and is observed until they reach their classes following the assembly. All students participating in the assemblies should report to the auditorium right after they check into homeroom.

* 8th grade Chinese classes will be visiting Chinatown in Boston today. They will leave WMS at 8:30 a.m. and return before 2:30 p.m.

* Beginning tomorrow, there will be a change to student iPad use. iPads will not be able to connect to the internet when they are outside the district. They will need to login to get access to the internet for 8 hours, while outside of our network (buildings).

* It’s BANNER TIME, grade 8! Time to submit drawings for consideration. Details can be found on the Main Office’s bulletin board.

* SEW Electric club is cancelled today.

* Don’t forget to order your yearbook!

* Intramurals today: Yoga will be held in room 204, Open Gym is in Gym B and the Fitness Center is open.

Daily Announcements
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