Morning Announcements for Tuesday, October 2, 2018




Today, the Safety Drill and assemblies will take place:


1. Assemblies will run in the morning by Grade Level:

  *Period 2 (Grade 6), Period 3 (Grade 7), and Period 4 (Grade 8).

   Students: Your teachers will bring you to the auditorium at the appropriate time.


2. Students: You will be in your homeroom for both Period 6 and Period 7 to practice

    the safety drill and review safety issues.


** Due to the assemblies in the auditorium this morning, Ms. Speed’s period 3 Drama

    class will meet in room 313 and her period 4 Drama class will meet in room 343.


Attention 6th Grade students:

Your parents will be in conferences with your teachers tomorrow and Thursday. Other

teachers, guidance counselors and staff members will be teaching your classes

during these 2 days.

  1. Please be sure to have a PEN with you all day.
  2. Stick with your homeroom and keep an eye out for your HW buddy.
  3. Please keep all other materials you need to get materials –  your teachers will be
  4. having conferences.
  5. Eat snacks during events in homeroom or during Period 3, if your teacher allows.

Science Olympiad news: There will be an informational meeting for Science Olympiads

 after school today in Ms. Longley-Cooks room (101). If you are interested in joining or even

 just learning about Science Olympiad, please join us.


8th Grade Students interested in the Civil Rights Trip: There will be an informational

meeting tomorrow immediately after school in room 203. Look for the flyers in the main

office! If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Magarie, Ms. Russell or Mrs. Gabrielson.

Hope to see you there!


The “Friday Video Club” will start tomorrow at 2:30pm in the Library Conference room.


 Dungeons and Dragons Club is looking for students with Dungeon Master experience to 

 run campaigns. Any students with experience as a DM, and interested in running a game on

 Thursdays, please see Ms. Cohen in room 325.

VIDEO GAME and CARD CLUB will meet tomorrow after school in room 241.

Please remember to bring your own games.



Fitness Center is open for Grades 7 & 8 only. Open Gym is in Gym B.




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