Morning Announcements for Thursday, October 18, 2018


* Today is the 8th Grade Panoramic picture day. Recapping Robyn’s email:

  -Students should line up by height during HR. Once lined up, they should receive an index card with a number on it (1=tall, 2 = taller, 3 = tallest). Students should bring the index card to

    the field with them for line up purposes.

 – At the end of period 1 (around 8:50am), first period teachers should escort students to the Sprague Fields. Teachers may then return to the building for their prep time.

 – All elective teachers who teach G8 students during P2 should report to the Sprague Fields to assist with organization and chaperoning.

 – Please remind students to wear their coats/jackets to the field.

 – Students will return to the building in time for P3.

Today is the mandatory meeting for all Quebec trip participants during lunch in room 251, Madame Ridker’s room. If you buy lunch, please see Madame Blouwolff for a lunch pass to

   go to the beginning of the line.

Learn about Asian Culture

Are you interested in hearing about the experiences of Asian students in our school or sharing your own? If yes, please join us for a lunch discussion group Friday, 10/19 in room 249.

This is for each grade during your lunch time. Bring your lunch and bring a friend! Everyone is welcome. See Ms. Zhou or Ms. Hannon if you have any questions.

* The BRCC Barton Road Community Center tutoring program will run today from 4:00 – 6:00pm. You are welcome to drop in to work on assignments, get organized, prepare

   for a test or quiz, or ask questions of WMS teachers. We hope to see you there!

* Dungeons & Dragons Club – Session 1 will meet after school today in room 325.

* 8th Grade students: Are you interested in student government? Come join the Student Council’s first meeting next Wednesday, 10/24 in room 315. Hope to see you there!  

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