Morning Announcements for Tuesday, December 18, 2018


*The Grade 8 Choral concert is tonight at 7:00 in the WMS auditorium. The Band will be performing Wednesday night and the Orchestra has its performance on Thursday night. 

  These concerts also start at 7:00pm in the WMS auditorium.

The Faculty have a meeting this Thursday after school. All students must leave school after the bell Thursday afternoon and there will not be any after school activities.

  Your teachers will be in a meeting and will not be available for extra help. The Library will also close after the bell. Please plan on either taking the bus or getting a ride home.

LOCKER CLEAN OUT will be held for Grade 8 and Houses M, R & WMS this Thursday during homeroom, which will be extended 10 minutes for these classes only. This Friday,

  Grade 7 and Houses S & W will have their locker clean out during homeroom and these homeroom classes will be extended 10 minutes longer. Trash barrels will be put along the

  hallways for you to throw away all of your trash in. Please do not leave your locker or the floor around your locker a mess.

This Thursday during 7th period, Grade 7 and Houses S & W will be attending the 6th and 8th Grade Orchestra and the 8th Grade Concert Band concert in the auditorium.

On Friday during 7th period, Grade 8 and Houses M, R & WMS will be attending the WMS Jazz Band and the 8th Grade Chorus concert in the auditorium.

  Performers for both concerts will be released from Period 6 early to change, set up and prepare. More details to follow.

Daily Announcements
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