Good Morning,

Today is Thursday, February 6, 2020

Today is a Day 3

Tomorrow is the last day to buy Teachertines!  Be sure to send your favorite WMS adult a serenade from our 7th grade chorus, just to say THANKS!

ATTENTION – All students going to the WHS will report back to homeroom at the end of Period 2.  Teachers will escort students to the busses located on Donizetti Street.

  • Busses will make two runs: one at 9:45am and one at 9:55am

    • Homerooms going on the first run will report directly to Donizetti Street at 9:45am from homeroom (no call from main office)

  • Homerooms going on the second run please wait to be called by the Main Office for second run @ 9:55am

Teams and Bus Run Schedule:

First Run: 9:45am

Bus#1 – Ms. Derian and Ms. Tang

Bust#2 – Ms. Taylor and Mr. Mazzeo

Students will be picked up for return to WMS at 11:05am

Second Run: 9:55am

Bus#1 – Ms. Geiger and Ms. Neptune

Bust#2 – Mr. Collins and Ms. Barcelo

Students will be picked up for return to WMS at 11:15am

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