Dear Upham Community,

Happy Mother’s Day! For all of our Upham moms, I would like to present a small token of appreciation to you and all you do. We all know that Spider man has his “spidey” sense. Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. Batman has his superhuman suit. Wonder Woman has superhuman strength. All of these “superheros” have some sort of “superhuman” ability. Were you aware of the “Super Powers” that all mothers possess? Just ask them…they will tell you.

Outlined below are a few of the “super powers” moms possess:

Survive On No Sleep- Moms can go days with little or no sleep and still function at full capacity.

Superhuman Agility- Moms can crawl out of a room without disturbing a sleeping child.

Turn Frowns Upside Down- This can be done in seconds flat.

Superhuman Endurance- Can you hold a toddler on your hip for hours and hours and hours?

Healing Superpower- One kiss can make any boo boo disappear.

Flying- Yes! They can fly! Late for school? A trip to the hospital? They can fly!

Power of Duplication- A bunch of kids, a bunch of activities, three hours…No problem!

Sonic Scream- When needed…Watch out!

Superhuman Hearing- Hearing sneezes and coughs while they sleep and detect lies when they are awake!

Make Humans- Nothing to add!


5th Grade

Tuesday 5/10- Wednesday 5/11 Math

Tuesday 5/17- Wednesday 5/18 Science and Technology

4th Grade

Monday 5/16- Friday 5/20 Math

3rd Grade

Thursday 5/12- Friday 5/13 Math

Make-ups will occur after each missed session.

Upcoming Dates

May 9-10 Green Week

May 12 Variety Night

May 18 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

May 27 Regions Fair/Assembly

June 3 Spring Concert

June 10 Field Day

June 21 Last Day of School- Half Day

5th Grade Moving-On Ceremony 9:30-10:30, 11:55 Clap-Out

Happy Mother’s Day!

Dare to Dream,

Mr. Dees

Principal’s Message
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