Morning Announcements for Thursday, June 14, 2018


* TEAM RAIDERS: Enjoy your Scavenger Hunt today! Buses will be leaving at 8:00 am and returning by 2:00 pm. All students will ride a bus with their homeroom class. Please remember

  to take your sunglasses, hat, water bottle, backpack and money with you this morning. Use of   your cell pone is permitted, as along as it is not a distraction, and teachers have the right to

  confiscate your phone for inappropriate use.

* TEAM WMS – LOCKER GREEN-OUT THIS MORNING. Homeroom will be extended 10 minutes this morning for the clean-out of your lockers. There are plenty of trash cans in the hallways for your trash.

Please do not leave your locker a mess.

* TODAY ONLY: All 3rd period study halls should meet in the Cafeteria today due to the Book Fair.

* STUDENTS: If you are medically excused from PE class, please report to your scheduled PE period today for gym locker clean-out.

* TEAM WMS Artist Day is today during periods 3 & part of 4. Please visit Gym A today to see their works of art. Student artwork will be set up by period 2 Comm Lab classes.

   No other students should need to leave class for this purpose. Team WMS 8th grade students will go to their period 3 classes, and those teachers should bring their students to Gym A

   at the start of Period 3. Upon completion of Artist Day at  10:45, students will return their artwork to their English classes, and then go to Period 4 classes for the remainder of the period.

* Don’t forget: The WMS Book Fair is being held today and tomorrow in the Library.

* Beginning today, the library will be closed before and after school for the remainder of the school year.

* A very exciting exhibition will take place here tomorrow starting at 8:20 am in the 6th grade

  classrooms. Their Rube Goldberg presentations are ready and the students have finished

  their machines and can’t wait to demonstrate them.


* Girl’s Softball players: please turn in your uniforms to room 232 by Friday afternoon.

* STUDENTS: There are still well over 100 books checked out of the Library! Be sure to return your books as soon as possible.

* Chinese Culture Club: your last meeting will be today after school in room 249.

* There will be a wonderful Concert of Hope this evening in the WMS auditorium beginning at 7:00 p.m. The 6th & 7th graders have been working very hard getting

  ready for this performance, hope you can make it!

BRCC Barton Road Community Center WMS tutoring program will be held today from 4:00 pm

to 6:00 pm. Please come and work on your assignments with your teachers

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