Morning Announcements for Wednesday, February 6, 2019


* Today is an Early Release Day. Your teachers have department meetings this afternoon and will not be available for extra help today. Periods will run 1, 2, 3 & 4. ALL students must

  leave school after the 11:19am bell. Attention: students in the play: You also need to leave the building after the bell and come back at 2:15 for your play rehearsal. Please report directly

   to Ms. Fine in the auditorium. The Library will also close at 11:19 am. Please plan on taking the bus, walk home or get a ride home. There is no late bus today. Students, you do not need

  your iPads today unless your teacher has asked you to bring it. The Spirit Wear store will be open from 11:20 until noon in the Donizetti Lobby. Basketball players must also leave school

   after the 11:19am bell and come back to school in time for your games, under your coach’s supervision.

* The 8th Grade students from Teams S & WMS will be heading to Wellesley High Schootomorrow (Thursday) for your orientation. Students: please dress accordingly, as it may be

   cold and rainy tomorrow. Transportation to the High School will be determined by the weather.

The 8th Grade choirs will perform tomorrow (Thursday) night at the high school. This is an 8th -12th grade chorus concert, so if you’re in 8th grade and you think you might want to

   join chorus next year, this would be a great time to see all of the different chorus classes offered at the high school. This is a casual concert full of pop music and high energy. It starts

   at 7:00 pm in the WHS auditorium. Everyone is invited!

* There are no Intramurals today due to the Early Release Day.

*8TH Graders: Counselors will be teaching 9th grade course selection during 8th grade Science classes this Friday. Read the signs that will be posted outside of Science classrooms, which will instruct you to which room you should go to for the lesson.

*The WMS Rubik’s Cube Team will be attending a tournament in Rockland this weekend. If there are any students interested in joining the team, please see Ms. Connor in room 321.

  Any student who attends is eligible to participate in the individual rounds, and with a few more students, we may be able to form a second group for the team competition!

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