Morning Announcements for Friday, May 17, 2019


Today 7th Graders from Clusters R & S will be going on the JFK Field trip to the JFK Museum in Dorchester. Classes attending will be Mr. Stanmeyer, Ms. Stickle,

Ms. Ayer, Ms. Gabrielson, Mr. Nichols and Mr. Eldridge. Students will be on the trip from 2nd period through 6th period. Please be sure to have a bag lunch with you. If you forgot

your lunch, please stop by the Main Office to pick one up. Do not bring your cell Phone or iPad with you on the trip, please either lock them in your locker or bring them to your

homeroom teacher to keep until the end of the day.

As you are representing Wellesley Middle School at the site, please act responsibly and enjoy your experience today!

*Grade 8 Chorus will be performing at the State House today. 6th, 7th & 8th grade Jazz Band members will be performing at Quincy Market today. All students attending

today, enjoy a great day in Boston and we’re sure your performances will be memorable!

*Are some of you feeling the excitement and buzz this morning? It’s because today is the 4th annual REMMY Awards that will be taking place this morning in the auditorium.  

 The time for this major event is during Periods 1 & 2 between 8:15 – 9:30 am. Participants are gathering as we speak to walk the red carpet in hopes of winning a REMMY for their

 work exploring the intersection of religion and our greater world. Feel free to come down anytime during Periods 1 & 2 to watch the event sponsored by Houses R and S.

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