What is Expected in the Senior Project?

  1. Daily attendance working on a project. If hours are missed during the school day time must be made up.
  2. Keep a logbook/journal of daily work.
    Each entry must be dated and contain a minimum of 50 words.
    The content of the entries is individual and may include activities, reflections on activities, reflections on the progrss of the project, relationship of the project to larger life, etc.
  3. Meet with Faculty Advisor at least once a week:
  • To review student journal weekly
  • To sign-off/initial weekly journal
  • The weekly signature will ensure student’s work and progress
  • Failure to meet with Faculty Advisor on a weekly basis will result in student returning to all of his/her classes and student will be responsible for making up all missed work throughout the term
  1. Keep a daily time sheet of the hours/minutes you worked on your senior project. On-site Advisor must sign the sheet daily to verify your work schedule.
  2. Meet the obligations of Term 4 English.
  3. Type a 2 page self reflection paper of your experience. This is separate from student journal entries.
  4. Participate in Senior Project Presentations.
    This evening looks very similar to a science fair. Students will be given a minimal amount of space in the cafeteria to creatively display an accumulation of their six-week project. This can take the form of large poster boards, video, dvd’s, cd’s, etc. Failure to attend and present will result in a failing grade for the term.
  5. During the Senior Project Presentation Evening:
    1. Submit written evaluations from your on-site supervisor and your faculty advisor to the Senior Project Committee.
    2. Present your project work in an evening forum (see “Dates”).
    3. Turn in student journal/logbook, self-evaluation and daily time sheet.
    4. Assessment of the completed project will be evaluated by the Senior Project Committee.
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