The application process includes writing a proposal, securing signatures, and fulfilling all of your graduation requirements.  YOU are responsible for determining which graduation requirements you need to fulfill, which will also indicate which classes you must continue attending.  Students should meet with their faculty advisor to complete the application together.  All applications must be submitted via a faculty member. Students will be required to know and fill out emails for their parents/guardians, on-site advisor, faculty advisor, school counselor and Assistant Principal.  Meeting deadlines is critical. The application is due on Wednesday, February 7th.

The Senior Project Committee will inform students of the acceptance or denial of their application as soon as they can. If tweaks need to be made to the project proposal the Senior Project Committee will work with the student and recommend how they can best improve their proposal for a project. Failure to meet with the committee during the assigned time will result in the project being denied.

Students will receive a second form by April 1st. Students will be responsible for securing a second series of signatures ensuring that they have met and discussed with their teachers, school counselor & Assistant Principal what classes they are staying in, that they have handed in necessary textbooks, attended to any books owed to the library, dues owed to the school (regarding parking and/or other student services such as the Cafeteria) and/or anything outstanding for the Athletics Department.

Senior Project Requirements

  1. You need to determine what you want your project to be, what category of projects it falls under, locate an on-site adult Advisor and a Faculty Advisor.
  2. You will outline your project in a 1-page project proposal. This proposal will be submitted to the Senior Project Committee for approval.  Only three students maximum will be allowed to work on a given project however partners must submit individual proposals and include both names.  In your proposal, you will need to provide a justification for why the project needs multiple people.
    • The single-spaced 1-page proposal should include:
      • Which category your senior project falls under (internship, community service or teaching assistant).
      • Day-to-day and week-to-week projected activities
      • Goal(s) or the final outcome(s) of the project.
    • There is a web page with a template of how to write the proposal with greater specifics.
  3. In the application, seniors are required to identify an Onsite adult Advisor, thereby you are required to locate one.  Each senior must be under the direct supervision of an Onsite ADULT Advisor every day. An Onsite adult Advisor can be a teacher or a professional mentor. The Onsite Advisor is responsible to oversee the senior’s project and their whereabouts at all times.  If you are working at a school, you must ask permission from the building principal in addition to the teacher.
  4. All students must select a WHS teacher as their personal Faculty Advisor and meet with them once a week. If the senior is doing a project with a WHS teacher, that teacher can take on a dual role of the Faculty Advisor and the Onsite Advisor.  Once the project begins students are accountable to meet with their chosen Faculty Advisor once a week where they will present their weekly summary.  Failure to meet once a week with the Faculty Advisor will result in the senior immediately pulled from the project, returning to all classes, and making up missed work for teachers to grade.
  5. Students will submit a weekly summary to their faculty advisor.
  6. Seniors must meet the obligation of their second semester English course.
    English is a graduation requirement and this includes all of the student’s English teacher’s required assignments during the second semester. It is the responsibility of the student to speak with their English teacher BEFORE beginning their Senior Project to know any final assignment/project/papers/ speech/ due dates. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in the student returning to all of their classes and forfeiting the project…. unfortunately, there is a potential of a senior not being able to graduate if the student does not meet the obligations of English requirements.
  7. Seniors must attend and participate in a self-evaluation activity during the week of May 27th. Before Senior Project ends, students will be receiving a series of reflection questions that they are to prepare.
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