• There may be no more than two students in a group without prior permission from the Senior Project Committee and your advisor.
  • All videos produced must meet ADA accessibility requirements, therefore must have Closed Captions, and cannot be accepted as a complete project until accessibility requirements have been met. Any questions about accessibility please contact webteam@wellesleyps.org.
  • If you plan on working on your own laptop to edit your video, you MUST work with a site advisor to find a physical space in the high school to conduct your work. You are not allowed to work at home under the supervision of a parent.
  • In order to work in the TV studio, your group members MUST have taken TV-Video and you need permission from Mrs. Spilka. A maximum of two video projects are conducted in the TV studio during senior project.
  • Students must provide their own camera, microphone, tripod, memory cards, batteries and any other equipment necessary. In some cases, the school has equipment available to be borrowed but you need to sign a waiver accepting financial responsibility for damaged equipment and follow school procedures when borrowing certain equipment.
  • It is suggested that any student doing a video project provide his or her own external hard drive (with a capacity large enough to hold your files) to allow the project to be moved from computer to computer.


  • Editing will take substantial time. It is imperative to communicate your needs with not only your advisor but with the technology department for proper computer time and access. Do not assume you will always have access to a school computer.
  • Schedule your time and provide detailed time management data in your proposal. List what days you will film and what days you will edit.
  • Your finished video can be uploaded to youtube for viewing/presenting.
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