Because state law requires students to have 4 full years of English, a Term 4 grade in English is essential. Students must, therefore, meet certain obligations as set down by the English Department. While each teacher of Senior English will have specific requirements, all participants will have to:

  1. Show the English teacher their completed logbook (#2 What is Expected).
  2. Give the teacher a copy of your assessment paper (#6 What is Expected).
  3. If possible and practicable, share the product of the project, if there is a product, with your teacher.
  4. Produce a Senior Paper separate from the Senior Project paper; see senior paper guidelines for length.
    A reminder: your Senior Project paper is NOT necessarily your Senior Paper although, at the discretion of your English teacher, it may be.
  5. Produce brief papers on outside readings that will be arranged with your teacher.
  6. Take the Senior exam (at the discretion of the teacher) at the regularly scheduled time.
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