Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

At the beginning of January,  we were able to initiate the process for Senior Projects. The Senior Project program enables qualified seniors to spend the second half of semester 2 working on a substantive project of their own choice on a partial or full-time basis. Senior projects are designed to help the student explore a personal interest. Such exploration might include a possible career choice, a special talent, or a community service project.

Senior Projects will begin halfway through second semester and end on May 28th.  The application is due March 17th.  As students brainstorm ideas we urge them to choose a project they would personally enjoy, something that would inspire passion, a project they would like to explore and experience…a project that would have meaning specifically to them.

Due to current circumstances, we have made alterations to Senior Project.  Considering our hybrid school schedule, we are allowing for parents, family members or guardians to be on-site advisors. There are additional pages on the website that explains the guidelines and responsibilities for on-site advisors.

Every project before approval has several components that students are required to fulfill before it is accepted. The process is detailed in the page titled “Application Expectations”. A committee of teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and staff will examine each project proposal.

Students will be responsible and accountable to keep an individual Padlet timeline that will work as their time sheet & journal.  This is a link to the video explaining how to use the required features of Padlet prior to when they begin their projects. The timeline (and journals)  must be signed each day by the On-Site Advisor verifying their hours of work. Once a week students are also to meet with a Faculty Advisor to present their signed timeline and the daily/weekly entries of their Padlet.

Second semester will no longer look like a typical WHS school day when students begin their Senior Project. Students have the opportunity to choose to stay in or leave any number of their classes, except AP courses. However, students must stay in any course that has a 3rd Term grade lower than a C-. Students must stay in any course that has a cut or have been suspended. A full project requires 30 hours per week, each class you stay in subtracts 5 hours per week of your commitment

Some projects, depending on the student’s school schedule, might begin at noon and run for 3-6 hours into the late afternoon. Some projects, although this is not encouraged, may be required to spill over into the weekend. Every project is unique and will not be judged against another.

Students and guardians must sign a contractual commitment, and students will be held accountable to the contract in order to receive a passing grade for the project (contract is found on this link). Unfortunately, if a student does not abide by any piece of the contract, it is the practice for the senior to meet with the Faulty Advisor, Housemaster, the guidance counselor, Mr. Horne and Ms. Gordon to pull them off the project and schedule them back into all of their original classes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Senior Projects, please contact us.

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