Write a single space one-page paper in paragraph form for the proposal. Every student
needs a copy stapled to their application.

1st paragraph, first sentence: write your name(s) and identify which of the three
categories your proposal fits under. Look at the application or website for the three
Please write about what you would like to do for a project.
If it is a teaching assistant, who and where will you be TAing. Write about why you
chose this subject and the teacher?
If it is an internship, please write about the place you will be interning. Why did you
choose this internship? Will the project spill over into the weekends and if so, why and
how many hours a week?
*Identify who is your Faculty Advisor in this paragraph.

2nd paragraph: If it is with a professional mentor, please write about your project and
who your professional mentor will be and why you chose that mentor to help you
accomplish your goals. Write in detail what the outcome of the project will be/look like
and who this project will benefit. If you are creating a project for future use within the
school you MUST have permission from whomever will be using the project and have
them write a note or send you an email that explains why/how they will be using the
project. Staple this message to your application. Identify your Faculty Advisor. Please
note in the 3 rd paragraph write about how many hours you will be working on this
project. Where you will be working on this project. You will need written permission if
project is in the library or in a department office or classroom. Staple this slip to your
application. Reminder: You cannot work on your project in your home, garage, studio,

Next paragraph: Write about the classes you will be staying in 4th term and
which classes you will be leaving. Do you have any AP classes? Are you in any Choral
groups? Do you have any graduation requirement courses beside English that needs to
be satisfied? Who are those teachers and identify the classes? Have you had
conversations with all of these teachers regarding expectations/deadlines for 4 th term in
order for you to leave the course?

In the last paragraph write about your community service component.
Is the service component built into the program? If the project does not have a built-in
component, what will you be doing to fulfill this component? Example: Will you be
teaching a class here at the high school/elementary/MS about your project? Do you
have permission to do this and with whom? Reminder: Fundraisers are not considered community service.

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