Fostering positive social connections between and among teachers and students

Purpose of Advisory Program:

  • The Advisory Program is intended to build student-teacher relationships in an effort to ensure that all students at Wellesley High School have an adult in the building, other than their guidance counselor, who knows them well.
  • This program provides an opportunity for students and teachers to share their thoughts, discuss important issues, and develop caring and supportive relationships that will influence the students and their actions.

How it’s Organized:

  • All students are randomly placed in advisories consisting of 10 to 12 students in their grade.  The advisories meet every day for 8 minutes between the 2nd and 3rd periods of the day and once a month for 30 minutes.  A staff member is assigned to each advisory and will have the opportunity to develop relationships with the students in the advisory over the course of the four years.

“As educators, our primary goal should be to maximize the learning experiences for all of our students, while ensuring the programs at WHS model the core values of our school community. There is no doubt that the implementation of an advisory program at WHS will provide a more personalized educational experience for all WHS students. The structure and the curriculum for the advisory program will model the importance of respect for human differences and cooperative and caring relationships, which in turn will positively influence commitment to community and academic excellence.”  -Proposal for Implementation of an Advisory Program at Wellesley High School

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