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Mrs. Krisann Miller R.N.

Nurse Nursing
Phone: 781-446-6290 x 4610
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Categories: Nursing

Located in WHS:

Room 107

What services do we provide?

The nurse’s office at the High School is staffed with two full time nurses with several years of high school nursing experience.  Located in Room 107, the nurse’s office is centrally located right behind the Main Office on the first floor.  The school nurses see students throughout the school day for a wide variety of reasons including injury and illness management as well as for social and emotional issues.

Recognizing the sensitive nature of many student issues, the set up of the nurse’s office allows for confidentiality, private conversation and rest when needed.  The school nurses work in collaboration with many other departments at the High School and refer students to other resources both in and out of school.

The goal for any student encounter in the nurse’s office is to support the student so that they can return to the classroom ready to learn.

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