Who are the School Psychologists?

Peter Szuch
Jordana Matz
Melissa Grey
Sam Ringel

Where are they located in WHS?

Peter Szuch – Gateways Program Room
Jordana Matz – Perrin House Suite
Melissa Grey – Bradford House Suite
Sam Ringel – SPED Suite

Contact Information:

Sam Ringel

SPED SuiteStudent Services
Phone: 781-446-6290

Peter Szuch

School Psychologist, Gateways Program Director Room 138Student Services
Phone: 781-446-6290 ;4615 Website: Gateways Program Website

What services do we provide?

As school psychologists at WHS, we wear a lot of different hats. Our main responsibilities consist of counseling, testing, and consultation. We each have a caseload of students who we see regularly based on counseling services that are listed on students’ Individual Education Programs (IEPs). We may also counsel students in a group setting or on a consultation basis. In terms of testing, we conduct initial and reevaluations to help determine eligibility for special education and, if necessary, recommend the appropriate services for supporting students in school. Regarding consultation, Peter Szuch and Melissa Gray are members of the Student Support Team (SST) and Jordana Matz sits on the Case Review Team. In addition to SST and Case Review, the school psychologists are available for teachers to consult with about any concerns or other topics.

Who do we service?

As noted above, we service a caseload of students who have counseling services as part of their IEPs. Students in the general education population can also check in and/or meet with us on a short-term basis (typically 3 times). The goal of these meetings is to connect the students with outside therapy and determine whether ongoing in-school counseling should take place with an HRS Outreach Worker.

How can we be accessed?

Students are most often referred through the IEP process or through the students’ guidance counselor. Additionally, teachers can stop by our offices to make appointments to meet with us.

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