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Categories: English Learner Program

Anne Higgins

K-12 Director of English Language Learner Programs ELL
Website: English Learner Program

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Categories: English Learner Program

Program Location in WHS:

Room 310

What services do we provide?

The ESL teacher provides direct English language development instruction for students who are in the process of learning English. Credit-bearing classes are offered at three different instructional levels; detailed descriptions are located in the course catalog. ESL classes focus on increasing literacy using language of science, social studies, math, and English Language Arts, as well as nurturing students’ knowledge of the form and function of language. Students may also receive support through sheltered English instruction in core content classes by teachers who have earned their SEI endorsement.

How can we be accessed & Who do we service?

Students’ English language proficiency is assessed upon entering the school which helps inform placement, and then again annually. This allows us to ensure that students are increasing their English language proficiency over time. Additional support in the form of tutoring can also be provided by the ESL department. Students who are exited from the ESL program are monitored for two years.

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