During the 2017-18 school year, the Wellesley Public Schools set out to consider the question: What is most important for our students to know and be able to do? In Spring 2018, a task force of more than 50 members of the WPS community developed a so-called “Profile of a Graduate” in partnership with EdLeader21 director Ken Kay.

The competencies outlined in the Profile of a Graduate, along with the Wellesley Public Schools core valuesacademic excellence, commitment to community, respect for human differences, cooperative and caring relationships – will be foundational to the long-term strategic vision for the district.

The competencies in the Profile of a Graduate range from cognitive (critical thinking, creativity/innovation), to interpersonal (communications, collaboration, engaging locally and globally) to personal (attending to physical, mental and emotional health). Since the development of the Profile of a Graduate, WPS has contemplated also incorporating the concept of “student agency” into the POG. An environment that develops student agency is one that encourages self-advocacy, as well as creates opportunities for student voice and choice.

Developing Student Agency

Respect Human Differences and Challenge Inequity

Create and Innovate

Think Critically and Solve Problems

Engage Locally and Globally

Communicate and Collaborate

Attend to Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Profile of a Graduate

Wellesley Public Schools

Wellesley Public Schools, Profile of a Graduate. Developing Student Agency. Respect Human Differences and Challenge Inequity. Create and Innovate. Think Critically and Solve Problems. Engage Locally and Globally. Communicate and Collaborate. Attend to Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

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