WPS K-5 Standards Based Report Card

Reporting Student Progress

Reporting on the progress students are making in the classroom is an ongoing practice. There are four formal reporting periods during the year; two parent-teacher conferences which take place in the fall and spring, and two written report cards issued in January and June.

Beginning in SY19-20, all elementary schools will implement a standards based report card (SBRC).  The purpose of the SBRC is to clearly communicate student progress and performance towards Massachusetts’ grade-level standards and expectations to students and families. The SBRC ensures that student learning is measured against a consistent set of academic criteria. Students are assessed using end-of-year grade-level expectations. They will receive an indication of their performance as outlined in the chart below. 

WPS K-5 Standards-Based Report Card: Background & Development Process

WPS K-5 Standards-Based Report Card: A Closer Look

WPS K-5 Standards Based Report Card: Implementation Plan for SY19-20

Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five

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