Anne Beauchamp

PreK-12 Coordinator for Curriculum, Assessment & Accountability

Toni Carlson

PreK-12 Director of Libraries & Innovation

Jamie Chisum

Principal, Wellesley High School Secretary: Diane Zinck
Phone: 781-446-6290 Website:

Wen Cobb

Director of Accounting and Business Services Business Office
Phone: 781-446-6210 ;5615 Fax: 781-446-6207 Website:
Photo of Charlene Cook

Charlene Cook

Principal, Hardy Elementary School Secretary: Janet Rixon
Phone: 781-446-6270 Website:
Photo of Joan Dabrowski Ed.D.

Joan Dabrowski Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant: Gwen Cheek
Phone: 781-446-6210 ;5602 Website: Academics & Learning
Photo of Jeffery Dees

Jeffery Dees

Principal, Upham Elementary School Secretary: Robin Boucher
Phone: 781-446-6285 Website:
Photo of Mark Ito

Mark Ito

Principal, Wellesley Middle School Secretary: Patty Chong
Phone: 781-446-6250 Website:
Photo of Toni Jolley

Toni Jolley

Principal, Bates Elementary School Secretary: Maureen Herzig
Phone: 781-446-6260 Website:
Photo of Michael LaCava

Michael LaCava

K-12 Director of Performing Arts Education & Director of the Instrumental and Vocal Extension Program (IVEP) Secretary: Allison Madden
Phone: 781-446-6210 ;5720 Website: Performing Arts Department Website

Gayle McCracken

Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator Administrative Assistant: Val Spruill
Address 40 Kingsbury St Wellesley MA 01748 Phone: 781-446-6210 ;5603 Website:

R. Deane McGoldrick

Transportation Coordinator, In-District and Out-of-District Transportation Business Office
Phone: 781-446-6210 ;5614 Website:
Photo of Rachel McGregor

Rachel McGregor

Principal, Fiske Elementary School Secretary: Susan Drayton
Phone: 781-446-6265 Website:

Julie Muse-Fisher

Special Education Coordinator
Phone: 781-446-6210 ;5631 Website: Student Services Website
Photo of Ellen Quirk

Ellen Quirk

Principal, Hunnewell Elementary School Secretary: Kristyn Chin
Phone: 781-446-6275 Website:
Photo of Susan Snyder

Susan Snyder

Principal, Sprague Elementary School Secretary: Lisa Licata
Phone: 781-263-1965 Website:
Photo of Doreen Ward

Doreen Ward

K-12 METCO Director, and METCO Coordinator for Bates, Hunnewell and Schofield Secretary: Carla LumleyMETCO
: 781-446-6290 ;4609 Website: Wellesley METCO Program Website

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