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Updating the WPS Strategic Plan

Over the course of the 2022-23 school year, the Wellesley Public Schools worked to update its district-wide strategic plan. WPS began this effort in 2019, but was significantly delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A Strategic Plan Steering Committee was formed in the Fall of 2022 to develop an updated five-year plan for the Wellesley Public Schools that will begin with the 2023-24 school year. The Steering Committee’s draft Strategic Plan framework was presented to the School Committee on May 16, 2023, with further discussion at the June 6 meeting, and approval on June 13. 

From there, the WPS staff worked to create an expanded document – referred to as the strategic plan 5-year blueprint – that examined the priorities in detail, including goals, measurements, and a year-by-year outline of the work ahead. This blueprint was approved by the School Committee in November 2023. A full report will be provided to the community in early 2024.

2023-28 Strategic Plan 5-Year Blueprint

2023-28 Strategic Plan Framework 


Profile of a Graduate

The district has long planned to incorporate its “Profile of a Graduate” (POG) into the updated strategic plan. The POG was developed in 2017-18 with considerable input from throughout the WPS community. The competencies outlined in the POG, along with the Wellesley Public Schools core values, will be foundational to any long-term strategic vision for the district.


Incorporating feedback from a variety of voices is essential to charting the district’s course for the future. To that end, the steering committee has hosted a series of focus groups with parents, staff, and students, with additional groups featuring community members and college admissions officers.

The focus groups have been asked for input on a set of topics, including the Profile of a Graduate, the concepts of student agency and educational equity, and the ways in which success at WPS should be measured. The groups have been asked to think about the most important skills our students will need when they graduate. They have been encouraged to suggest changes to WPS or new investments that they would like to see.

Feedback from these groups was incorporated into a districtwide survey that was conducted in January/February 2023. The survey as well as other analysis has informed the proposed framework, which was approved by the School Committee on June 13, 2023. Ultimately, as with the 2013-19 strategic plan, the community will receive a full report on the updated vision for the district.

Profile of a Graduate

Focus Group Summaries

Previous Presentations to the School Committee

WPS Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Fall 2022

Central Office: David Lussier, Superintendent of Schools; Sandra Trach, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning; Cynthia Mahr, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations; Jorge Allen, Director of English Language Learners and Interim Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Megan Bounit, Director of Educational Technology; Hannah Tolla, Director of Curriculum, Assessment, & Accountability; Sharon Gray, Coordinator for Community Engagement

Building Leadership: Jamie Chisum, WHS Principal; Mark Ito, WMS Principal; Grant Smith, Hardy School Principal; Becca Zieminski, Early Childhood Director

Faculty: Heather Heon, Elementary Math Specialist; Adam Blumer, WMS Social Studies Department Head; Dana Plunkett, WHS School Counseling Department Head; Kyle Gekopi, WHS Teacher and Wellesley Educators Association President

School Committee: Leda Eizenberg, Chair; Linda Chow, Vice Chair

Parent Representatives: Shana Cashman (Elementary), Amy Hernandez (WMS), Meridith Edmonds (WHS)

Student Representative: Siena Cohen, WHS senior


2013-2019 Strategic Plan

Wellesley Public Schools Strategic Plan 2013-2019 (PDF)


  • Development of a Vision for Education in Wellesley
  • Inclusive of educators, community, educational experts and private industry leaders
  • In conjunction with enhanced Enrollment Projections Study, Financial Modeling and Facilities Master Plan Development

Key Guiding Questions

  • What should all Wellesley students know and be able to do?
  • What program(s) of instruction will best develop these competencies?
  • How will we measure our success?

Approved 2013-14 Strategic Plan Goals

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