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You’re invited to a Zoom webinar on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 at 7:00 PM for a parent overview of the new IEP. Presentation by the renowned Educational Consultant, Allan Blume, author of the BlumeMethod. Please use this link to register and a webinar link will be sent to you the day prior.

Information for Families

Special education within the Wellesley Public Schools encompasses a wide range of services for eligible students with disabilities, ages 3 – 22. In accordance with federal and state laws and regulations, students identified as eligible for special education have an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) that is designed by a Team of individuals that includes district professionals, the parents/guardians, and the student, when appropriate. Each IEP is developed to meet the unique needs of the student and includes information of what services will be provided, where the services will be provided, and the goals set for the student. All programs and services are provided at no expense to parents.

The Wellesley Public Schools provide a wide range of specialized instruction that represents a continuum of service delivery options. In keeping with the federal mandate of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), Teams will always consider providing specialized instruction in the general education classroom first. The vast majority of our special education students receive their specialized instruction within an inclusive environment, spending more than 80% of their day in the general education classroom. When the appropriate level of services requires instruction outside the general education classroom, the Team will consider other placement options, such as a Learning Center, a district program, or special education programs outside the Wellesley Public Schools in a state approved special education school.

District programs are developed when a cohort of students have like needs of a more intensive nature. Throughout each level (preschool – post high school), highly specialized programs exist for students with autism, language-based learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral challenges, and for students whose disabilities cross domains, resulting in a need for an integrated Team approach.

Special education is a highly regulated and complex process. The special educators work closely with families and encourage a collaborative relationship. In addition, the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) provides support to families through regularly scheduled meetings and parent networking. For more information about the PAC, you may use this link provided. www.wellesleypac.org

Each level, preschool through high school, has a Department Head that coordinates special education services. The following provides contact information should you have questions regarding special education processes or procedures:

Director’s Office

Dr. Kathleen Bernklow, Director of Student Services
Hannah Goncalves, Administrative Assistant, goncalvesh@wellesleyps.org, 781-446-6210 x5629


Director: Rebecca Zieminski, zieminskir@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6222 x2800

Secretary: Isabel Cashman, cashmani@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6222 x2800


K-5 Department Heads: Kristen Stacy, stacyk@wellesleyps.org and Astrid Mazariegos, mazariegosa@wellesleyps.org  781-446-6210 x5629

Team Chairs:

  • Jamie Morrison, morrisonj@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6210 x5629 (Fiske, Hardy, Hunnewell &  Upham)
  • Rebecca “Becky” Kiley, kileyr@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6210 x5629 (Bates, Schofield, Sprague)

Secretary: Hannah Goncalves, goncalvesh@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6210 x5629

Middle School

Department Head: Cristina Malinn, malinnc@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6210 x5715

Team Chair:  Leah Lawrence, lawrencel@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6250 x3622

Secretary: Jennifer Curran-Pelletier, curranpelletierj@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6250 x5715

High School

Department Head: Greg Beaupre, beaupreg@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6290 x4627

Team Chair: Katie Lynch, lynchk@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6290 x4630

Secretary: Irina Safina, safinai@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6290 x4627

Out-of-District / Transition Coordinator

Michael McIntyre, mcintyrem@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6210 x5893

Secretary: Hannah Goncalves, goncalvesh@wellesleyps.org 781-446-6210 x5629

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Specialist: Patti Weismer weismerp@wellesleyps.org (all schools except PAWS)

Assistive Technology Specialist: Jennine Clark clarkj@wellesleyps.org (WHS, Bates, Fiske, Hardy and Hunnewell)

Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing: Liz Wheeler wheelere@wellesleyps.org (all schools)

Another source of parent information is the Parent’s Notice of Procedural Guidelines (in multiple languages). I encourage all parents to become familiar with this Notice. Please follow the link provided to view this document.

On behalf of the special education department, we wish each student a rewarding school year.

Resources for Families:

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