Wellesley Public Schools Asbestos Management (AHERA) – November 1, 2023

This annual notification is required by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA).

On October 22, 1986, President Reagan signed into law an amendment to the Toxic Substance Control Act requiring schools to determine the presence of asbestos containing building materials in all school buildings.  That amendment, called the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) required that all school buildings be visually inspected by accredited inspectors and that bulk samples of suspected materials are taken where the material was not assumed to be asbestos.  It further required that management plans be created for each individual building and that the maintenance and custodial personnel receive training.  The plan must be implemented, and the training must be completed by July 9, 1989.  This document is the Asbestos Management Plan which provides the means and the methods to effectively deal with asbestos containing building materials.

All phases of asbestos inspection and management planning are reported in this plan, including response action strategy, priorities, scheduling of abatement activities, coordination of personnel and evaluation of results.  The plan has an additional function as a reporting document to the State.  At the local level, the plan must be made available for general review by the school district.

The Wellesley Public Schools has completed the 2023, third year re-inspections, and reports are available for review.  A copy of each school’s Asbestos Management Plan is available at each school and at the main Facilities Management Department administrative office at 888 Worcester Street, Wellesley, MA, during regular school hours.

Inquiries regarding the management of asbestos-containing materials in our schools should be directed to the district’s AHERA Designated Person, Joseph Murray, Facilities Project Manager, who can be reached at the FMD Office, 888 Worcester Street, Wellesley, MA, or by email, jmurray@wellesleyma.gov,  or by phone at 781-489-4255.

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