Mission Statement

The Wellesley Public School Library Media Program exists to support the teaching and learning of students and teachers in grades PreK-12, to encourage the development of critical thinking skills through collaboration with classroom teachers, to help foster a love of learning and reading and to provide access to informational and recreational materials for its school communities.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Providing intellectual and physical access to materials in many formats;
  • Providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing and using information and media;
  • Collaborating with other educators to develop effective learning strategies that address the needs of students.

Philosophy of the Library Program

The school library is a vital and integral hub of the school, regardless of its physical location, and as a result, must reflect the philosophy and goals of the school and the district. In an age of an abundance of information, acquiring information literacy skills and a commitment to lifelong reading and learning becomes even more crucial. In the school library, students gain an appreciation for literature and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills as they use a variety of resources to meet the demands of today’s curriculum.

A library program does not exist in isolation. Each school’s library program is managed by a Department of Education certified library teacher who performs both an instructional and an administrative role, and works in partnership with students, teachers, staff and administrators to develop the library media program that best meets the needs of that school. Through collaboration, the library program also incorporates the goals and objectives of the Massachusetts State Curriculum Standards, National and State School Library Standards, and State Digital Literacy and Computer Science Frameworks, as well as anti-bias, anti-racist principals. The combined vision supports the goal of educational excellence and the concept of intellectual freedom.

Information, media and technology skills are most meaningful when learned within a subject area, within an interdisciplinary unit, or within a unit that addresses a real-life need or problem. Students must be prepared to select from a constantly changing and growing reservoir of information sources, as they learn to inquire, think, create, share and grow.  Wellesley School Librarians are prepared to teach and support all students to realize these goals.

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