Dear Colleagues,

I hope you each had a productive week.  If you are around this weekend, please consider stopping by Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend with events on both Saturday and Sunday. 

On Wednesday night, I had a chance to attend the International Night hosted by our WHS Young Ethnic Scholars (Y.E.S.).   With a terrific fashion show, performances, and wonderful food, our students celebrated the many facets of diversity present in our community.  In particular, I was struck by a poem written and recited by WHS Junior Maya McNeil.  Maya’s words give us all much on which to reflect.

“Not alone just by yourself in this room” By Maya McNeil (WHS Class of 2023)

Stepping on a bus full of black folks that look like me. Stepping off the bus in a room full of people who didn’t look like me.  It wasn’t that I was intimidated, it was because I was the only one in the class that was black. I sat in the back of the classroom and didn’t say a word, my lips were locked with a zipper. My lips felt like they were tapped and my tongue was held captive with chains I felt like I couldn’t unlock. I felt like a black rock on a land of snow, a still rock that couldn’t move. Anxiety took over my body, I started to question myself and question my existence in that room but it was anxiety having these thoughts in my head.  How are they looking at you? Viewing you? What do they think of you? When I sat in the chair, my bottom was glued to it, I couldn’t stand up and If I did, my knees felt as if they were going to collapse. I was told to step into my truth, step in my power but how can I step into something when I don’t have enough strength to do so. These kids probably think I don’t speak, or they probably think I’m mute, but I didn’t know how to turn off the mute button. Have you ever been in a room full of people and still feel alone? People around me having conversations but in my head all it sounded like was loud noises and loud crowds coming closer to me, coming to attack but I wonder to myself, Why is it that I come here to get what they call “ better education “, because the suburban places offer more , so my mom wanted what was best for me, BPS didn’t offer what I got out here. My friends started to call me smarter, they said I was learning at a higher level with faster speed, I knew more than they knew, I was at a higher intellectual level than them but little do they know I felt dumb. I felt dumb, I felt like I didn’t belong  I felt like they knew more than me but I couldn’t down myself and my intellect I had to wait and see . I walk in the room with all these white people with all eyes on me. I chose to sit in the back because anxiety tells me if I don’t know the answer or the content I choose not to speak, but one thing they will never understand is being a black girl in a predominantly white school is never easy. 

Thanks to you all for helping all of our students find their voice.

Best regards, David

5/24/22 – School Committee Meeting – 6:30 pm
5/30/22 – Memorial Day – No School
6/01/22 – Tuition Reimbursement Submissions Deadline
6/03/22 – WHS Graduation – 5:00 pm
6/20/22 – Juneteenth – No School
6/21/22 – Last Day of School for Students! Half Day


WHS Graduation – Class of 2022 – June 3rd @ 5 pm – Hunnewell Field

Yes, it’s almost here!!!   There is limited outside seating available for faculty and staff.  If you wish to reserve a space, please RSVP by emailing Andrea Ridge, the Phillips House Assistant, by Friday, May 27th.  

Tuition Reimbursement Info and Deadline

Just a reminder that Unit A members seeking tuition reimbursement for graduate coursework in accordance with the Unit A collective bargaining agreement must submit the completed application for reimbursement, along with evidence of enrollment into a program and course cost, proof of payment and transcript, no later than June 1, 2022.  The Tuition Reimbursement form can be found on the HR page of the WPS website.  

The contract states:

Course reimbursement for graduate courses taken by staff who are without master’s degrees and/or who are seeking professional licensure as required by the Massachusetts Department of Education or when a specialist teacher’s immediate supervisor, subject to the approval of the Assistant Superintendent, verifies that there are no further indistrict courses available for recertification in that specialist’s field, that specialist may apply for tuition reimbursement.  Any Unit A member for whom no DESE license exists, including but not limited to occupational and physical therapists, so long as that member maintains appropriate certification and/or licensure required to perform his or her duties, shall be eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement.


Human Relations Services
The Human Relation Services (HRS) can help.  Wellesley Public Schools has contracted with HRS to provide up to ten free counseling visits for you and/or your family members.  This program is designed to help you deal with stresses of life and work –including personal and family issues, drug or alcohol problems, and job related tension.  It offers prevention and intervention to reduce these stresses and  improve coping skills.  

HRS is located at 11 Chapel Place in Wellesley and can be reached at 781-235-4950. This is a confidential service. Wellesley Public Schools is not aware of the names of employees or their family members who utilize this service. 

Do you have a question for the WPS Human Resources Department?  
Email  The Human Resources Department is happy to assist you.  

 WPS Internal Job Postings on District Website
For all Internal Job Postings, please go to “Internal Job Postings” under the Faculty tab of the District’s website.   

Superintendent’s Bulletin

Superintendent’s Bulletin: 05/20/22
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