The following is a summary of the planned timeline of events surrounding the WPS elementary building projects. With the upcoming opening of two new buildings, the closing of a school, and redistricting for the 2024-25 school year, WPS has created a detailed schedule of events to share with the community. This page was last updated on May 10, 2024 and will be further updated as details become finalized and/or events are added. A color-coded PDF of this list is also available.

2023-24 School Year

September 1:

Hardy Topping Off – Brief ceremony was held during the school day for the school community. Beam signing by students, staff, town officials was on 8/31. See photos and more information from the event.

October 3: 

School Committee Meeting – Present plans and timeline to School Committee and community. Share with the community on October 4.

After October 1:

After 2023-24 enrollment data is finalized, begin internal review of redistricting map, with focus on a small number of areas.

November 12:

Hardy 100th Anniversary – Mark the anniversary mainly with student activities at the school. 

January 2024:

Hardy time capsule deadline – As the class gift from the Hardy class of 2024, a time capsule box was purchased. The time capsule includes artifacts that will teach the audience of the future about the Hardy School in 2024 and the present day culture at large. Artifacts included:

  • A school yearbook from the Hardy class of 2023 that contains photos of the current Hardy School building, groundbreaking ceremony, and modern day culture (student clothing, interests etc).
  • A sample of modern day technology including an iPad, Keyboard, and mouse
  • A One Wellesley T-shirt that all Wellesley school children received in 2023 and names the 7 elementary schools currently in use in Wellesley.
  • Student writing: Letters to future Hardy students by the current 5th graders
  • Results from a student survey that included the favorite book, movie, song, and recess activity as voted by Hardy students in 2023.
  • The favorite book voted by students: Lion Lights- My Invention That Made Peace with Lions by Richard Turere.


Public review of redistricting map and School Committee approval of any adjustments. The WPS Administration recommended changes to the map on January 23, and School Committee approved the changes on January 30. Please see the new approved map that takes effect in the 2024-25 school year. Please see this link for more information on the changes and process.

February 12 & 15:

School-day tours of new school for Hunnewell students – K-2 on Monday 2/12; 3-5 on Thursday 2/15. Students take a bus, tour the school and have lunch.

February 15:

Evening open house opportunity for Hunnewell parents – Similar structure to back to school night starting with grades K-2, all parents meet together, then grades 3-5.

February 16: 

End-of-day clap out for Hunnewell students at swing space host schools (Bates, Hardy, Sprague, Upham).

Week of February 19 (February Break): 

Hunnewell teachers/staff move from swing space and set up new classrooms.

February 26: 

Hunnewell Opening Day/Ribbon Cutting – Students’ first day in the new school – combine with a ceremony for the community to mark the day.

Winter/Spring TBD: 

School Committee discussion/updates on future use of Upham.

May 18 (Saturday): 

Hunnewell Grand Opening event in the school’s “cafetorium.” Brief celebration is scheduled for 10 a.m.

Hunnewell community tours from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend, in partnership with the Town Celebrations Committee. Promote Hardy Lights Out and Upham Celebration events.

June 10 (Tentative):

Hardy Lights Out Event – Evening event for the Hardy School community to honor the building’s 100 years of service to the students before it is demolished to make way for the opening of the new school. Date may change depending on the number of snow days.

June 11 (Tentative):

Celebration of Upham Event – Opportunity for the Upham School community to celebrate and honor its service to the students since 1957. Date may change depending on the number of snow days.

Last week of school:

Final Upham Moving on Ceremony for 5th Graders – Date to be determined based on number of snow days.

June TBD:

Redistricting Tours. Option 1 for students who will be changing schools in the 2024-25 school year.

2024-25 School Year

Late June:

Demolition of Hardy building.

Late July/Early August:

Scheduled substantial completion of the new Hardy building.

Late August TBD: 

Redistricting Tours. Option 2 for students who will be changing schools in the 2024-25 school year, plus tours of the new building for Hardy students.

August 26:

Hardy teachers return and set up classrooms.

August 28:

Hardy Opening Day/Ribbon Cutting – Students’ first day in the new school – combine with a ceremony for the community to mark the day.

First day in new schools for redistricted students.

Fall TBD:

Hardy community tours; likely a Saturday.

Fall TBD:

Hardy site work and playground complete.

2025 TBD:

Temporary use of Upham School (approximately 4-5 months) by Recreation and Health departments.

Elementary Building Projects Event Timeline
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