The National Honor Societies  in French, German, Latin, Spanish & Mandarin Chinese

Philosophy, Purpose, and Criteria for Admission:

The faculty of the Department of World Languages has chosen to confer membership in the National Honor Societies in French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish in accordance with the criteria established by the individual societies and the department.  Our purpose is to acknowledge the exceptional proficiency and scholarship demonstrated by our most accomplished students.

To these ends, the following criteria have been established for membership in each honor society to which the World Languages Department subscribes:

  1. That selection occur only during or after the student’s third year of study of his or her language, and that the student be at least a sophomore at the time of consideration;
  2. That for the marking period during which selection occurs (Quarter 2), the student earn an in his or her language;
  3. That the year-end grade in the prerequisite course the previous year be an A- or higher.
  4. That to remain in the national honor society of the specific language, the student continue to maintain an average of A- in the specific language.
  5. That, in extraordinary circumstances, the exact nature of which will be determined by the department head in World Languages and the teachers of the specific language in question, given criteria stated above may be waived, if such is deemed to be in the best interest of the student and the department.
  6. That in order to maintain membership, the student complete 5 hours of volunteer work (tutoring or another project approved by the teacher and the department head) in the WL extra help lab over the course of the next academic year. Violations of the Wellesley High School honor code may result in disciplinary action,  dismissal, or may affect a student’s selection for membership, as described in the Wellesley High School Student Handbook.
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