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March 20, 2015Dear Colleagues,

This morning the temperature was 18 degrees with a chance of snow in the forecast.  Welcome to the first day of Spring!  At a meeting of superintendents yesterday, the facilitator asked, in light of the brutal winter we have had, how have districts kept their communities energized?  One of my colleagues noted the key role that extracurricular and athletic events have played in keeping us all motivated, even during the dark days of winter.  I think there is much truth to this observation.  Walking out of the Middle School performance of The Little Mermaid yesterday, it was impossible not to feel joy and a sense of admiration for the performances of our students.  I can make the same argument about our WHS Girls’ Hockey team and their incredible season and exciting finals match last weekend at TD Garden.  We are blessed with so many opportunities for our students to shine in school and beyond, which leave me feeling incredibly grateful, even when I am surrounded by snow piles! Next week is an important week for the District as we move closer to Town Meeting and finalize the budget that voters will be asked to approve.  A key aspect of the Town budget this year is the terrific work that our unions and Town officials have undertaken with regard to health insurance.  I have been very impressed with offerings that have emerged from these discussions, which have now gone to each union to ratify, and I thank the members of our staff who have been a part of this process.  Thank you for all that you do in support of our students and enjoy the weekend.  Best regards,

3/20/15 – First Day of Spring!
3/24/15 – School Committee Meeting – Selectmen’s Meeting Room – 7 pm
3/26/15 – Project Moves – 7 pm WHS
3/30/15 – Annual Town Meeting Begins – 7:30 pm

Condolences to  Chip Donovan (WPS Systems Adminstrator) on the recent loss of his sister.    

Recruiting General Education Teachers for RTI and Accommodations Work!We are in the process of creating a resource document, listing accommodations, supports and services that can assist a general education teacher in supporting the needs of diverse learners. This document, coupled with the ideas for classroom support and professional development will make up Wellesley’s new District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP). If you would like to join this committee (teachers will be compensated for their time), please send Lori Cimeno, Director of Student Services an email at cimenol@wellesleyps.org.Dates of Committee Meetings: 3:30 to 5:30 pmApril 7, April 16, May 11, May 21, and June 1, 2015 (which is a presentation during school ato Admin Council, tent. 9 am start)

PROJECT MOVES DANCE COMPANY coming to WHS“Project Moves Dance Company is a Non-Profit Organization committed to sharing a powerful message of human respect and acceptance, dedicated to generating positive social change through dance art.  The dancers, ages 10-18, celebrate the ever-challenging journey to self-love and self-respect through a dynamic performance. Using the vehicle of dance as an artistic voice, The Project Moves Dance Company holds as its core mission the advocacy for, and the empowerment of, our youth. The Project Moves dance performance will be held at the Katherine L. Babson, Jr. Auditorium at Wellesley High School in Wellesley, MA on Thursday, March 26, 2015 beginning at 7:00 PM.  Admission:  Free to all. Reserve your free ticket(s) at bit.ly/projectmoveswellesley   Please note, if online reservations are “sold out” there will be “day of show” seating available until the theatre is at capacity.For more information about Project Moves, visit their website at www.projectmoves.orgWHS French Exchange Program In Need of Host

The Wellesley High French Exchange is looking for someone to host one of the French teachers coming to WHS from April 8 to April 24, 2015.  He is a physical education teacher and speaks English.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact
Christine Laborde-Casterot at labordecasterotc@wellesleyps.org​​

Register now for Spring Professional Development Offerings on WellesleyPD
WellesleyPD can be accessed from the WPS website. Under the “Faculty” tab, select “Professional Development”.  
  • Advanced iPad: 2nd Offering
    Instructors:  Rosey McQuillan & Ranjani Sriram
    Participants:  PreK-12 Educators
    Dates/Times:  Online Only – Weeks of 4/6/15 – 5/10/15
  • Using Thinking Maps to Enhance Student Performance
    Instructors:  Lizzy Floyd & Sarah Fontaine
    Participants:  PreK-12 Classroom Teachers & Special Educators
    Dates/Times:  6/23/15 and 6/24/15, 8 am – 5 pm;   6/25/15, 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • CPI Restraint Training – Full Course SPRING
    Instructors: Adam Diliberto, Elisa Buchsbaum & Jody Steinhilber
    Participants: PreK-12 Educators, TAs & Paras
    Dates/Times: 6/24/15, 6/25/15, 8:00a – 3:00p
  • CPI Restraint Training – Refresher Course SPRING
    Instructors: Adam Diliberto, Elisa Buchsbaum & Jody Steinhilber
    Participants: PreK-12 Educators, TAs & Paras
    Dates/Times: 3/31/15, 3:45p – 6:45p​ 

To register for EDCO Collaborative courses, go to WellesleyPD and click “EDCO Collaborative”.

  • Neurological Strategies for Building Students’ Growth Mindset, Perseverance, and Long-term Concept Memory

         Date: July 8, 2015               Audience: K-5 classroom teachers, administrators, special educators and specialists

  • Building Students’ Enduring Understanding: Neurological Strategies for Engagement, Perseverance, and Transferable Knowledge

         Date: July 9, 2015               Audience: Grade 6-12 classroom teachers, administrators, special educators and specialists
Primary Source has announced their 2015 summer courses.  A hard copy of the course catalogue has been sent to schools.  To view course offerings and to register, go to WellesleyPD and click “Primary Source”.Are you interested in a Job Share? Would you like to be considered for a Transfer in the
2015-16 School Year?
Teachers with Professional Teacher Status who would like to request a job share position or a transfer in the 2014-2015 school year must notify Gaylle McCracken in writing by May 1, 2015.  Requests should be sent to:  mccrackeng@wellesleyps.org .Apply Now to Enroll Children of Non-Resident WTA Members in Wellesley Schools.  Children of teachers or nurses residing outside Wellesley shall be entitled to attend Wellesley Public Schools without charge for tuition on a space available basis (Article 12, WTA Unit A Contract).  If you are interested in this benefit for the 2015-16 school year, please contact spruillv@wellesleyps.org include your child/ren’s name, birth date, and current grade level.  Application Deadline:  May 1, 2015

Graduate Course Reimbursement Course reimbursement funding of $30,000 is available to distribute in FY15 among qualified teachers.  This funding is for graduate course work done as part of a master’s degree program to fulfill a teacher’s obligations for the Massachusetts Educators Professional License and for course work required to achieve the next stage of licensure culminating in a professional license.  To apply for this course reimbursement, please send, by June 1, 2015, your name, evidence of your enrollment in an applicable master/doctoral degree program, name and description of the course, evidence of course cost (a billing statement), proof of payment (i.e. credit card statement, canceled check or receipt of payment), and transcript to Valerie Spruill, Administrative Assistant to the Human Resources Director, spruillv@wellesleyps.org   You will be notified of the amount awarded to you sometime prior to the first paycheck in September 2015.  Please note:  all information must be received by June 1, 2015 or you will be disqualified for reimbursement.  All courses must have occurred in the summer of 2014, fall of 2014 and spring of 2015 and have been completed by June 1, 2015.   Any courses taken prior to the summer of 2014 will not count for reimbursement.WPS Internal Job Postings on District Website

Please be aware that we added a new feature called “Internal Job Postings” under the Faculty tab of the District’s website.  We will post all of our internal jobs under this website tab. Therefore, you will no longer see internal job postings in the bulletin. This new way of posting will allow us to post internal positions any day of the week.
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Superintendent’s Bulletin 3/20/15
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