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June 12, 2015Dear Colleagues,With one week left in the school year, I believe it’s safe to say that both students and staff are ready for the summer.  I don’t believe there are ever “easy” years in public education and this one was no exception.  However, when I reflect on our work over the past 10 months, there is much to which we can point with a great deal of pride.  First, we welcomed some exceptional new teachers and administrators, whose energy, vision, and commitment to our students created an impact that was immediately felt.  Thanks to you all for rallying around our new colleagues and providing them with support, as the first year in any new role is always a challenge.Second, we are moving in several exciting areas of program and curriculum development.   At the elementary level, I want to thank all of the members of the World Language team who have been working so diligently to prepare for our rollout of an elementary Spanish program for grades K-2 that will begin this fall.  In particular, I want to thank the principals and faculty of Hardy and Sprague who have helped guide this work and whose efforts next year will blaze a trail for all of our elementary schools the following year.   As a district we continue to seek ways to use technology to enhance teaching and learning opportunities for students and staff.  I am especially appreciative to both the Middle School 6th grade staff, 7th grade pilot teachers, and all of our Instructional Specialists for guiding the 1:1 initiative this year.  Also at the Middle School, there has been much work on social/emotional programs, extending the SEED (Social Emotional Education Development) Program into the seventh grade with three new grade-wide activities and continued development of grade 8 programs.  At the High School, the team of educators working to implement the “Evolutions” program next year deserve a great deal of credit for planning an innovative approach to teaching and learning that may influence how we think about engaging students more broadly. Finally, on the facilities front, a great deal of preparation and planning have gone into the renovation work that is now only days away at Fiske and Schofield.  The staff at each of these schools have been busy packing in advance of these projects and will have the added burden of unpacking everything at the end of the summer to start the new school year.  Many thanks to these colleagues for their additional efforts and I know we are excited about the many improvements to these buildings that we will begin to enjoy in the fall.  So, as the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close, please accept my thanks on behalf of a grateful community for your support and dedication to the students of Wellesley.  I wish you each a restful and restorative summer and look forward to welcoming you back in the fall.  Best regards, David 

6/19/15 – Last Day of School for Students
6/23/15 – School Committee Meeting – 7 pm – Town Hall

WPS Retirement Tributes 2015Kathy Bonsall is a pioneer of Wellesley’s Reading Intervention program. Established in 1997, this program was created to address the needs of struggling readers in first grade.  Since that time, the program has evolved to include students in Kindergarten through second grade.  Kathy was hired as a teacher in the Reading Intervention Program during the first year of implementation, and has spent 18 years of her life working with struggling readers.  In her tenure, she has led countless young students to become confident lifelong readers.During Kathy’s tenure, she has worked at six of our seven elementary schools.  Kathy is an educator with the highest standards for herself and students.  Her kind nature is appreciated by both her colleagues and students.  While teaching, Kathy consistently speaks with a gentle reassuring voice that lets her students know she has the utmost confidence in their ability to become strong readers.Kathy’s excellence in teaching has been highlighted many times as a model of performance for Reading Intervention – in fact, videos of her teaching have been used countless times at professional development trainings and in parent orientation presentations.  Kathy is considered a master at her craft and is often seen discussing best practices with her colleagues.  When pondering questions of her own, Kathy never hesitates to consult with the building literacy specialists and first grade teachers.  Moreover, Kathy is a true example of a lifelong learner.  Just this this past year, Kathy took on the new Leveled Literacy Intervention program with gusto. Kathy has made a tremendous contribution to some of our youngest Wellesley students.  She is the ultimate professional and a pleasure to work with.  Her colleagues wish her well in her retirement and will truly miss her dedication to the Reading Intervention program.************************Suzanne Chmielinski strives for what is right and what is true. Her integrity, graciousness, and support have inspired and sustained her students, colleagues and family. For students, her classroom was a haven where one could escape the social mores of middle school and immerse themselves in the quiet calm of Ms. Chmielinski’s voice. Students knew that they had an ally, a believer, and a friend in Suzanne. Even in her frustration, she showed compassion.  But most importantly, she always returned essays within a week.  In addition, new teachers have thrived under her tutelage.  Suzanne’s classroom was just as much a haven for her colleagues as it was for her students. One Literary Specialist remembers how she allowed her to take her top 6th grade readers for the Bamboo Grove unit, “She didn’t know me at all, yet she trusted me to work with her high-flying students during one of her favorite times of the year.  I think that says a lot about how collegial and open she is.”  She shared her unit plans, her wisdom, and her love of teaching and students with all of us. Suzanne also taught us what it meant to be committed to a school district and a job that you loved. She commuted from Weymouth then Marshfield every day without complaint.  She welcomed new leadership with humanity, heart, and, at times, forgiveness.  It seems she always knew the right time to send a kind word to a new Department Head, helping her rise above her self doubts.  In short, if one is looking for what is right, ethical, and true, look no further than at Suzanne.But Suzanne is as much a learner as she is a teacher.  She opened herself to Smartboards, laptops, and Google.forms. Even in her last year, she strived to learn and implement the latest reading strategies from the book Notice and Note.  She went to NCTE conferences, Greece, and Primary Source classes and always brought back a new idea, book, or teaching source to inspire her colleagues and enrich her students. Our admiration of Suzanne, however, is not limited to her work in the classroom or the school building. Suzanne’s commitment to her husband, three children, and six, soon to be seven grandchildren showed her colleagues how to balance work and the messiness of life with elegance.  Suzanne Chmielinski is strong and steady but not stagnant, knowledgeable without ego, and dependable without being predictable.  We love her, we will miss her, and we wish her the best. ************************Barbara Jones-Daddario started her career in literacy as an intern in 1992, under the guidance of Ginny Balicki at the Schofield School. Following her internship, Barbara took a second grade leave position at Schofield. After some time spent working in other districts, Barbara returned to Wellesley to become the Literacy Specialist at the Hardy School in 2004. Barbara has since worked at both Upham and Hunnewell Schools.  During Barbara’s tenure in Wellesley, she has guided countless teachers in reading and writing instruction and made an impact on many student readers and writers. Barbara’s work within a school produces a culture of exploration into literacy content and collaboration between teachers. At the Hardy School, Barbara implemented the original Lucy Calkins Units of Writing and, over the years, has been a strong advocate for the program. Barbara rolls up her sleeves and gets to work!  She “coached” teachers before it was called “coaching.” She is generous with her colleagues and is always willing to talk through teaching ideas, set goals and develop a plan of action.  Barbara has led numerous district-wide professional development sessions for teachers over the years.  On multiple occasions, Barbara has spent summer vacations writing literacy curriculum for teachers.  Most recently, she co-authored many of the genre studies that are currently taught in classrooms.  Barbara has a strong belief that every child can achieve in reading and writing.  Over her 11 years at Wellesley Public Schools, she has worked with countless children to improve their reading and writing skills. Barbara’s positive nature and literacy expertise with children give them the confidence to grow and become life-long readers and writers.A student wrote: Dear Mrs. Daddario, I will miss you, but hope you have a fun retirement. Thank you for reading with me, teaching me how to write letters the right way and helping me with phonics.  Love, Sam   Second Grade Teacher Lori Janiuk commented: Although Barbara’s time at Hunnewell was short, the students and I all benefitted from her expertise and passion for literacy. To quote a Japanese proverb, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” We are fortunate to have had our day with a great teacher.The Wellesley Public Schools were fortunate to have Barbara’s influence over the last 11 years.  Although we are sorry that she is leaving us, we all wish her the best in her retirement. ************************Phyllis Fermon is embarking on a well-earned retirement, but there is no doubt that there are many people in the Hunnewell community who are a little sad about her leaving.  In her role as school psychologist, Phyllis worked closely with colleagues and families to support young children and their social and emotional growth.  Whether she was using formalized assessments to determine learning potential, or using social strategies to support students’ peer relationships, Phyllis always worked diligently to establish trusting relationships.  Phyllis has touched the lives of many children, and the impact of her work is evident every time a child-in-conflict authentically applies a strategy.  Her “lunch-bunch” groups certainly will be remembered with fondness by many Hunnewell students.We wish Phyllis well in her retirement as she embarks on a new chapter of her life, and hope she has more time to devote to her family and her “passion for fashion”.************************Doris Pennie is the heartbeat of the Special Education Department at Wellesley High School and after 18 years, she will be retiring.  Doris’ job description does not even begin to describe her contributions to the department.  Doris has contact with everyone including faculty, parents, and students.  Her warm sense of humor and caring nature is evident to everyone who engages with her.  She has formed close bonds with students who can be seen stopping by her desk for encouragement and support.  When Doris would work her magic, students responded by sticking their heads in the office to say hello or receive a check-in.Doris does it all, keeping the department organized, providing due dates for completed paperwork, and setting up all meetings.  Of course, we do not make her job easy and there were always changes to be made, and we require reminders to complete paperwork, but Doris took it all in stride.  She made sure that everyone felt included and special.  If Doris needed anything, there is not a person in the building who wouldn’t stop what they were doing to help.Doris is devoted to her family and is a proud grandmother, often sharing stories about her grandchildren and how proud she is of them. Doris loved to keep pictures of her grandchildren next to her desk and she expanded this to keep pictures of all new babies and children in the department. The bulletin boards in her office are covered with beautiful, uplifting faces of babies and children.It’s hard to think of the office without Doris.  We know that she will be busy babysitting for her grandchildren and enjoying her passion for gardening, traveling and playing golf.  Best wishes and no more commuting in the snow!2015 Wellesley Public Schools Summer Reading Recommendations:  Grades K-5Compiled by elementary school library teachers Pamela Allen, Sara Jauniskis, Ellen Mandel, Liz Rey, Lisa Rogers, Roxanne Scott, Elisabeth Zimmer, and Fran Zilonis, Director of School LibrariesFor reading resources, summaries of each book, age guidelines and page length, visit these suggestions online at tinyurl.com/wps-15. Titles are linked directly to the Minuteman Library Network. Paper copies of the list are available at each elementary school. During the summer, we hope you and your family will be able to enjoy many hours of pleasure reading.
WellesleyPD Summer 2015 Course OfferingsInstructions for RegistrationAll WellesleyPD course offerings and information is available online:

Content-Based Courses

  • Using Thinking Maps to Enhance Student Performance
    Participants: PreK-12 Classroom Teachers & Special Educators
  • Understanding and Applying Differentiated Instruction
    Participants: PreK-12 Educators


  • Discovering the Artist Within: Fostering Creativity in the Classroom
    Participants: PreK-12 Educators, Non-Art Specialists 
  • Wheel Throwing for Educators​ – ​1 seat open to a participant who has not previously taken this course
    Instructor: Amie Larson
    Participants: PreK-12 Educators
    Date/Times: 06/23/15, 06/24/15, 06/25/15, 06/26/15, 9:00am – 3:00pm; 06/29/15, 9:00am – 12:00pm


  • Close Reading (1 seat remaining)
    Participants: Grades 3-6 Classroom Teachers & Special Educators 


  • Being Scientists & Engineers: Integrating Science & Engineering Practices in the Elementary Classroom
    Participants: PreK-5 Educators


  • Designing Blended Curriculum Units for the Classroom in Canvas
    Participants: Grades 8-12 Educators             
  • Google Apps for Education (2 seats remaining)
    Participants: PreK-12 Educators

Free Course through TEC
“The Effective Team Leader: How to Run Productive IEP Team Meetings”Audience: School personnel responsible for chairing IEP meetings, special educators, administrators, and general educators
Instructor: Linda Waters
Dates & Times: July 13 – July 16; September 25, November 20 & January 22
Location: Lunenburg, MA
Earn: 67.5 PDPs and 3 optional graduate credits from Worcester State University for $300Course Description: This Institute will focus on the development of best practices and techniques for leading effective, productive, and student-based IEP Team Meetings. Emphasis will be placed on legal requirements as well as the development of strategies to foster and facilitate meaningful communication, collaboration, and positive outcomes. Participants will actively engage in discussion of provided readings, hand-outs, and real life scenarios through role play techniques as well as develop a Resource participation during a Team Meeting.Application deadline is June 19. For more information – and to register – go to http://www.tec-coop.org/course-list

Wellesley Supervision and Evaluation SystemBased on staff feedback, a list of Educator Evaluation FAQs has been compiled and is now available online:

For a direct link click FAQs.​Study Tour to Spain and Morocco – Summer 2016Primary Source is partnering with EF Educational Tours to offer Spain and Morocco: Coexistence, Competition and Culture (711-1614). The tour will take place July 6-14, 2016. For more information please go to www.eftours.com/1699512YX.See the full tour web site and enroll at www.eftours.com/1699512YX.

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Superintendent’s Bulletin 6/12/15
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