I hope you each had a productive week as we approach the close of our school year for students on Thursday.  Last night, we honored the 352 members of the WHS Senior Class who are now officially graduates. This is one of my favorite days of the year!  The weather, while a bit hot, was excellent and, as always, there was a such a joyful atmosphere at the track and field.  Each year, this feels like our capstone project, the culmination of many years of support, instruction, challenge, and care.  The accomplishments of the Class of 2024 are many and I have little doubt that they will be making an impact on our world in the years ahead.  Thanks to each of you for your support of these students since their first days with us as new students.  It takes all of our us working together along with our parents and community partners to make this happen each year.  Take a bow, WPS, on a job well done!   

Have a great weekend everyone and let’s finish the year strong in the coming week!  

Best, David 


June 11 – School Committee Meeting

June 13 – Last Day of School for Students (Half Day)

June 14 – Last Day of School for Teachers

June 19 – Juneteenth (Offices closed)

Congratulations to…

Kelsy Macklis at Schofield on the birth of James David Macklis, born on 6/3/24.

Michele Gabrielson, 7th History teacher, who was a recipient of the 2024 Rising Star Award at the Massachusetts History Alliance Conference. Recipients of the Rising Star Award are recognized for emerging excellence in historical programming and making an impact in the field of local public history and education.

Bill Craft, nominated by Sophie Queen, Wellesley’s Ambassador, as the 2024 recipient of Project 351’s Starfish Award. This award honors an extraordinary educator in
recognition of the profound difference they make in the lives of their students, Project 351 Ambassadors and Alumni, and their school communities.

Mr. Craft is in his 27th year as educator, with the last 17 years devoted to the students at Wellesley Middle School as their Guidance Counselor. Mr. Craft also serves as faculty lead and mentor for: Students Talking About Race Skillfully (STARS) Afterschool Club, “The Ally League” Afterschool Club & METCO Coordinator.

Please find Sophie’s unedited reflections on Mr. Craft:

“What inspired me to nominate Mr. Craft!? Literally everything. This man has changed my life. I went from being a shy lonely girl who sat in the bathroom every lunch to somehow having meaning. He practically gave me a life. He gave me the opportunity of being an Ambassador and for that I’m so grateful. Everyone just knew me as the ginger who’s funny but Mr. Craft saw something more than that in me. He knew that I care so much about people and about our earth. He knew that I’m so smiley and bright and love to make an impact on someone else’s life. He knew I was ready to take on this huge leadership role. I remember the day Mr. Craft told me I was going to be an Ambassador. First, I said no. I was unsure and scared. I thought I was the wrong person for the job and wouldn’t be a good fit. But Mr. Craft thought differently. He said I was perfect for Project 351 and he had a list of the reasons why. From that day on, my whole life has changed. How has Project 351 impacted me? Where do I even begin? I’ve become a better version of myself. And at every step on my Ambassador journey, Mr. Craft has been by my side. He checks in with me, offers help, and always lets me know he’s there for me. He reminds me to see the light even when it’s darkest. To Mr. Craft… I don’t know what I would do without you. You deserve the Starfish Award more than any human being who breathes. It would take me years to write down all the reasons why! Thank you for taking a chance on me and seeing something in me that no one else saw. You’ve helped me change from a shy, funny, lonely girl to a confident, mature, and eager-to-help Ambassador. Because of you, I’m part of this amazing community, where I’ve never felt more at home. I’ve become more passionate about people and the earth and standing up for the things I care about. I have greater trust in my friends and family, and greater faith in myself. Mr. Craft, you’ve changed my life and I will remember you forever.”

403(B)/457 Fund Contribution Limits

The limit for 403(b) and 457 contributions for calendar year 2024 will be $23,000.  Employees who are 50 years of age and older may chose to have an additional $7,500 in catch-up contributions, if eligible, bringing the limit to $30,500.  Employees who are eligible for one of the additional catch-up provisions need to contact Donna Kalinowski in Payroll to have their annual limit changed in the payroll system. Changes to your contribution amounts must be made through Voya (457) or OMNI & TSACG for 403(b).  Contact information for the two programs are:

VOYA:  Bruce Coughlin PH: 781-237-3776 or at

Additional information is available at:

OMNI & TSACG:  PH: 877-544-OMNI

Additional Information is available at:

Please use this link for information about SECURE Act 2.0.  If you have additional questions about these provisions, please reach out to OMNI/TSACG directly.  

If you have questions about payroll deductions, please contact Donna Kalinowski at ext. 5613

Human Relation Services

The Human Relation Services (HRS) can help.  Wellesley Public Schools has contracted with HRS to provide up to ten free counseling visits for you and/or your family members.  This program is designed to help you deal with stresses of life and work –including personal and family issues, drug or alcohol problems, and job related tension.  It offers prevention and intervention to reduce these stresses and  improve coping skills.  

HRS is located at 11 Chapel Place in Wellesley and can be reached at 781-235-4950. This is a confidential service. Wellesley Public Schools is not aware of the names of employees or their family members who utilize this service. 

Do you have a question for the WPS Human Resources Department? 

Email  The Human Resources Department is happy to assist you.  

WPS Internal Job Postings on District Website

For all Internal Job Postings, please go to “Internal Job Postings” under the Faculty tab of the District’s website. How to Apply for WPS Internal Job Postings as a New Internal Applicant

Superintendent’s Bulletin 6/7/24
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