1. All of the following conditions are applicable to student access, as well as parent/guardian access.
  2. The purpose for PowerSchool access is to allow parents/guardians to provide demographic and
    emergency information to the school. For high school students only, parents/guardians/students can
    access academic and attendance data.
  3. The parent/guardian is given an Access ID and Access Password specific to their child. It is the
    responsibility of the parent/guardian to protect the security of this information. The student is issued a
    different username and password and is also expected to secure his/her access. The district accepts no
    responsibility in the event that the Access ID/Access Password or username/password is shared, given,
    stolen, or in any other way becomes the possession of a person other than the parent/guardian/student.
  4. Only the parent/guardian is given the Access information via US mail. The district does not give this
    information in person, via phone, email or fax. Email and other communications are not guaranteed to
    be private.
  5. Users shall not attempt to use an Access ID/Access Password or username/password that has been
    assigned for the use of another individual.
  6. Parents/guardians should be sensitive to the student load of teachers when contacting them.
    Excessive emailing can be detrimental to the lesson plan preparation of the teacher.
  7. If the above “Guidelines for Acceptable Use of PowerSchool” are not followed, the
    parent/guardian or student access will be revoked.
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