WPS Bus Conduct Rules for Transportation

Notice to Students and Parents

Please be aware that the school bus is an extension of the school itself and rules regarding behavior are the same as in the school. School bus safety is a primary concern of the Wellesley Public Schools and we reserve the right to take whatever action is necessary to maintain a high level of safety.

A student’s right to school bus transportation is a qualified right, dependent on good behavior. In cases where a student seriously or continuously misbehaves, parents will be notified by the principal or designee of the school. Transportation privileges will be revoked, if in the opinion of the principal, such action is necessary for the general safety and well being of other students.

In cases where a student’s conduct jeopardizes the safety and well being of other students, based upon the assessment of the bus driver, that student may be immediately excluded from the bus.

Students Riding a School Bus Are Expected to Abide by the Following

  1. Students shall stand on the sidewalk or another designated place while waiting for the school bus. They shall respect the rights and safety for others.
  2. Students shall never approach the school bus until it has completely stopped and the door is opened. In boarding, they should go directly to an available seat. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats, if necessary.
  3. Students shall remain seated, with seatbelt fastened, and keep aisles and exits clear. Do not put head; arms or objects out of the windows at anytime. Students must not throw anything out of the window. Passing objects onto, from or into the bus is not permitted. Do not open the rear emergency exit door unless directed to do so by the driver.
  4. When crossing a roadway, cross only in front of the bus while the blinking lights are on and the stop sign is extended. Never run beside a bus, chase after a bus or pick up anything that has fallen near the wheels of the bus.
  5. Students are required to adhere to any specific crossing instructions as may be stipulated on their bus route document. Students who violate these instructions will have their riding privileges revoked.
  6. The bus driver has full authority as well as responsibility for controlling student conduct on the bus. Students should not annoy the driver and/or distract the driver’s attention from driving. The driver should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.
  7. Use of inappropriate language, eating, smoking, and drinking of any type is not permitted while on the bus.
  8. Vandalism, destruction, or defacing property will not be tolerated. Students who witness the destruction of property have a responsibility to report such misbehavior to the driver or school authority.
  9. Only students assigned to a bus may ride that bus. All students in grade six through twelve will be issued a bus pass which they must show to the driver upon request. In the event the student has lost the pass, a duplicate may be obtained from the Transportation Department for a $5.00 replacement fee. A student who allows another student to use his/her bus pass or sells his/her bus pass will have riding privileges revoked.
  10. Hazardous materials, including lighters and matches are not permitted on the bus. Animals are not permitted on the bus.
  11. Students whose riding privileges are suspended due to violation of these rules will not receive a fee refund.
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