Abbott Road Fiske 51-108
Abbott Street Sprague
Aberdeen Road Sprague
Alba Road Sprague
Albion Road Upham
Alden Road Fiske 4-16
Alhambra Road Bates
Allen Road Fiske 7-22
Amherst Road Hunnewell
Appian Drive Upham
Appleby Road Hunnewell
Arden Road Hunnewell
Argyle Avenue Hardy all
Arlington Road Fiske 1-36
Arnold Road Upham
Ashmont Road Fiske all
Atwood Street Sprague
Auburn Road Bates
Audubon Road Upham
Avon Road Hardy
Ayer Road Sprague
Babson College Fiske
Babson Park Avenue Fiske
Bacon Street Hardy 11-23 all
Bancroft Road Schofield
Barnstable Road Upham
Barton Road Fiske:           1 – 48 all
Schofield:    49 +
Bay Road Hardy
Bay State Road Schofield
Bay View Road Hardy
Beach Road Hardy
Beard Way Hunnewell
Beebe Way Hunnewell
Beechwood Road Bates:     1 + 82 +
Hardy:  40 +
Beechwood Terrace Bates
Belair Road Hunnewell
Bellevue Upham
Bemis Road Fiske
Benton Street Hunnewell
Benvenue Street Hunnewell
Berkeley Road Hardy
Berkshire Road Fiske 1
Bernard Road Sprague
Bethel Road Schofield all
Beverly Road Bates
Birch Road Hunnewell
Bird Hill Avenue Schofield
Bluebird Road Schofield all
Bobolink Road Schofield all
Boulder Brook Road Bates
Boulder Road Schofield all
Boulevard Road Schofield all
Bow Street Schofield all
Bowdoin Road Bates
Bradford Road Upham
Bradley Avenue Hardy
Brewster Road Fiske all
Bristol Road Upham
Brook Street Hunnewell
Brookdale Avenue Hardy all
Brookfield Circle Bates
Brookfield Road Bates
Brookmere Avenue Hardy all
Brookside Road Fiske all
Bryn Mawr Road Bates
Bucknell Road Upham
Buckingham Terrace Hunnewell
Buena Vista Road Hardy all
Burke Lane Fiske all
Burnett Lane Fiske all
Calvin Road Sprague
Cameron Street Hunnewell
Carisbrooke Road Schofield 37 +
Carlton Road Hunnewell
Caroline Street Fiske
Cartwright Road Hunnewell
Carver Road Fiske all
Cavanagh Road Bates
Cedar Brook  Road Hardy all
Cedar Street Schofield:  1 + all
Fiske:    101 +
Cedar Terrace Fiske all
Central Street Sprague:  1 – 105
Hunnewell:  106 +
Chapel Place Sprague
Charles River Court Hunnewell
Charles Street Schofield all
Chatham Circle Upham
Chesterton Road Bates
Chestnut Street Sprague
Church Street Sprague
Claflin Road Bates
Clark Road Fiske 10-20
Cleveland Road Bates
Cliff Road Sprague:  odd
Upham:  even
Clifford Street Sprague
Clock Tower Drive Fiske
Clifton Road Sprague
Clovelly Road Fiske 12-51
Colburn Road Sprague
Colby Road Hardy all
Colgate Road Hunnewell
College Road Hardy 7-43 all
Columbia Street Schofield all
Comeau Street Fiske all
Commonwealth Park Schofield
Cornell Road Hunnewell
Cottage Street Hunnewell
Cottonwood Road Sprague
Cranmore Road Upham:    1 – 41
Bates:    42 +
Crescent Street Schofield all
Crest Road Sprague
Crestwood Drive Schofield all
Cross Street Sprague
Croton Street Schofield
Crown Ridge Road Sprague
Cunningham Road Fiske
Curtis Street Fiske all
Curve Street Sprague
Cushing Road Upham
Cypress Road Upham
Dale Street Hardy
Damien Road Schofield all
Dana Road Hunnewell
Dean Road Schofield all
Dearborn Street Fiske all
Deerfield Road Upham
Delanson Circle Sprague
Dell Street Hardy all
Dennis Road Schofield all
Denton Road Hunnewell
Dewing Path Hunnewell
Dexter Road Hunnewell
Dinsmore Road Upham
Donizetti Street Sprague
Dorset Lane Hardy
Dover Road Hunnewell
Dudley Road Fiske all
Dukes Road Upham
Dunedin Road Fiske all
Durant Road Bates
Duxbury Road Fiske all
Earle Road Bates
Eaton Court Fiske
Echo Road Fiske all
Edge Hill Road Sprague
Edgemoor Avenue Hardy all
Edgemoor Circle Hardy all
Edgewater Drive Schofield all
Edmunds Road Upham
Eisenhower Circle Hunnewell
Eliot Street Hunnewell
Elm Street Schofield
Elmwood Road Bates
Emerson Road Schofield all
Essex Road Upham
Everett Street Sprague
Evergreen Avenue Hardy all
Fairbanks Avenue Schofield all
Falmouth Circle Bates
Falmouth Road Bates
Farm Road Hunnewell
Fells Circle Hardy
Fells Road Hardy
Fenmere Avenue Hardy all
Fife Road Fiske all
Fisher Avenue Hardy
Fiske Road Schofield all
Fletcher Road Fiske all
Forest Street Sprague:   1 – 45  odd
Fiske:  even 24 – 114
Fiske:  odd  63 + 63 – 121
Fox Hill Road Upham
Framar Road Fiske all
Francis Road Sprague
Franklin Road Fiske all
Frost Circle Hardy all
Fuller Brook Road Hunnewell
Fuller Road Schofield
Garden Place Sprague
Garden Road Sprague
Garrison Road Bates
Geraldine Drive Sprague
Gilson Road Upham
Glen Brook Road Schofield all
Glen Cross Road Schofield
Glen Road Schofield all
Granite Street Sprague
Grant Avenue Sprague
Grantland Road Fiske
Grantland Road Ext. Schofield
Great Plain Avenue Fiske all
Greenbough Lane Hunnewell
Greenlawn Avenue Schofield all
Greenwood Road Upham
Greylock Road Bates
Grove Street Hunnewell
Halsey Avenue Hardy
Hamilton Road Hardy
Hampden Street Hunnewell
Hampshire Road Upham
Hardy Road Hardy
Harris Avenue Fiske all
Harvard Street Sprague
Hastings Street Fiske all
Haven Road Bates
Hawthorne Road Upham
Hayden Place Fiske all
Heckle Street Schofield
Hewins Farm Road Fiske
Hickory Road Hardy
High Ledge Avenue Hardy all
High Meadow Circle Sprague
Highgate Sprague all
Highland Road Sprague
Hill Top Road Sprague
Hillcroft Road Hardy all
Hillside Road Schofield 24 – 41
Hobart Road Hunnewell
Hodges Avenue Hardy
Hollis Street Sprague
Homestead Road Hunnewell
Hopkinson Street Fiske all
Howe Street Sprague
Hundreds Circle Sprague
Hundreds Road Schofield:    1 – 60
Sprague:   61 +
Hunnewell Street Fiske all
Hunting Street Schofield all
Hunting Circle Schofield all
Indian Springs Way Schofield 9 +
Ingersoll Road Bates
Ingleside Road Hardy all
Ingraham Road Hunnewell
Intervale Road Schofield all
Inverness Road Fiske
Ivy Circle Sprague
Ivy Road Sprague
Jackson Road Fiske all
Jefferson Road Fiske all
Juniper Road Hunnewell
Kendall Road Hardy
Kenilworth Circle Hunnewell
Kenilworth Road Hunnewell
Kimlo Road Sprague
Kingsbury Street Sprague
Kipling Road Schofield all
Kirkland Circle Sprague
Lafayette Circle Hardy
Lake Road Hardy
Lanark Road Sprague
Lantern Lane Fiske all
Larch Road Hardy
Lathrop Road Hunnewell
Laurel Avenue Fiske 17-48
Laurel Terrace Fiske all
Lawrence Road Hardy
Ledgeways Sprague
Ledyard Street Schofield all
Leewood Road Hardy 14 +
Lehigh Road Hunnewell
Leighton Road Hunnewell
Lexington Road Hardy
Lilac Circle Sprague
Lincoln Circle Fiske all
Lincoln Road Fiske 29-67 odd
42-68 even
Lincoln Street Hunnewell all all
Linden Gardens Sprague
Linden Square Sprague
Linden Street Sprague
Linwood Road Bates
Livermore Road Fiske 3-59
Livingston Road Hunnewell 80 +
Locust Road Schofield all
Longfellow Road Schofield 50 +
Longmeadow Road Hunnewell
Louis Drive Bates all
Lovewell Road Sprague
Lowell Road Upham
MacArthur Road Hardy
Madison Road Fiske all
Manor Avenue Hardy all
Mansfield Road Bates
Maple Road Fiske all
Marigold Avenue Hardy all
Marshall Road Hardy
Martin Road Bates
Marvin Road Hunnewell
Massasoit Road Bates
Maugus Avenue Fiske 70-88
Maugus Hill Road Fiske
Maurice Road Sprague
May Street Fiske all
Mayo Road Hardy 16 +
McLean Street Fiske all
Meadow Lane Bates
Meadowbrook Road Bates 10 – 27
Mellon Road Hardy
Mica Lane Schofield all
Middlesex Street Hunnewell
Midland Road Hunnewell
Minuteman Lane Fiske all
Monadnock Road Bates
Monroe Road Fiske all
Montvale Road Schofield all
Morrill Circle Hardy
Morses Pond Road Hardy all
Morton Street Sprague
Mountview Road Upham
Mulherin Lane Fiske
Nantucket Road Upham
Nobscot Road Hardy
Norfolk Terrace Sprague
Northgate Road Bates 1 – 27
Norwich Road Bates
Oak Street Sprague
Oak Cliff Road Sprague
Oakdale Avenue Hardy all
Oakencroft Road Sprague
Oakland Circle Fiske
Oakland Street Schofield:  1 + 144 +
Fiske:      41 +
Oakridge Road Upham
Old Colony Road Upham
Old Farm Road Sprague all
Old Town Road Schofield all
Orchard Street Schofield all
Ordway Road Fiske
Oriole Road Schofield all
Ottaway Circle Hardy
Overbrook Drive Hardy all
Ox Bow Road Schofield all
Oxford Road Bates
Paine Street Sprague
Park Avenue Fiske all
Park Place Fiske all
Parker Road Hardy 71 +
Partridge Road Fiske all
Patton Road Hardy
Peck Avenue Fiske all
Peirce Road Bates
Pembroke Road Hunnewell
Pickerel Road Hardy all
Pickerel Terrace Hardy all
Pilgrim Circle Bates
Pilgrim Road Bates
Pine Plain Road Bates
Pine Ridge Road Schofield all
Pine Street Schofield
Pine Tree Road Sprague
Pinevale Avenue Hardy all
Pinewood Circle Hardy
Pinewood Road Hardy
Pleasant Street Sprague
Plymouth Road Upham
Polaris Circle Fiske all
Pond Road Hunnewell all
Poplar Road Hardy:       1 – 12
Sprague:  13 +
Prescott Street Fiske
Princeton Road Hardy all
Priscilla Circle Fiske all
Priscilla Road Fiske all
Prospect Street Schofield all
Putney Road Fiske 17 +
Radcliffe Road Hunnewell
Railroad Street Sprague
Ravine Road Sprague all
Redwing Road Schofield all
Regis Road Hardy
Rice Street Sprague
Richland Road Bates
Ridge Hill Farm Road Hunnewell 66 all
Ridgeway Road Schofield all
River Glen Road Schofield all
River Ridge Road Schofield all
River Street Schofield all
Riverdale Road Schofield all
Roanoke Road Hunnewell
Roberts Road Upham
Rockland Street Sprague
Rockridge Road Sprague
Royalston Road Bates
Russell Road Hardy
Rutgers Road Bates
Sabrina Road Hunnewell
Sagamore Road Upham
Salem Road Bates
Saunders Terrace Schofield
Sawyer Road Upham
Schaller Street Hunnewell 5-18 all
School Street Sprague
Scotch Pine Circle Bates
Scotch Pine Road Bates
Seaver Street Fiske all
Seaward Road Fiske
Service Drive Hunnewell
Service Road Bates
Sessions Street Sprague
Shadow Lane Hardy
Shaw Road Sprague
Sheehan Circle Fiske all
Shelburne Road Upham
Shelley Road Schofield all
Sheridan Circle Fiske all
Sheridan Road Fiske all
Shirley Road Bates
Shore Road Hardy all
Simpson Road Hardy
Skyline Drive Fiske all
Smith Street Sprague
Solon Street Hunnewell
South River Street Hunnewell all all
South Woodside Avenue Hardy all
Southgate Road Hunnewell
Southwick Circle Sprague
Sprague Road Upham
Springdale Avenue Schofield all
Spruce Park Fiske all
Squirrel Road Schofield
Standish Circle Fiske all
Standish Road Fiske all
Stanford Road Bates
State Street Sprague
Stearns Road Sprague
Sterling Road Hunnewell
Stevens Street Hardy all
Stonecleve Road Hardy
Stonefield Lane Hunnewell
Strathmore Road Hardy
Sturbridge Road Bates
Sudbury Road Bates
Suffolk Road Upham
Summit Road Sprague
Sumner Road Fiske all
Sunnyside Avenue Hardy all
Sunset Road Sprague
Surrey Lane Sprague
Swarthmore Road Hunnewell
Sylvan Road Schofield all
Sylvester Terrace Sprague
Tanglewood Road Upham
Tappan Road Hunnewell
Taylor Road Upham
Temple Road Hunnewell
Tennyson Road Schofield 32 +
Thackeray Road Schofield all
The Brookway/Waterway Schofield all
Thomas Road Bates
Trinity Court Upham
Turner Road Hardy
Twitchell Street Sprague
Upland Road Hunnewell
Upson Road Hardy all
Upwey Road Sprague
Valley Road Sprague all
Vane Street Hunnewell
Vincent Road Hunnewell
Vista Road Fiske all
Waban Street Sprague
Wachusett Road Upham
Wall Street Sprague
Walnut Place Schofield all
Walnut Street Schofield 1 – 274
Wareland Road Fiske
Washburn Avenue Schofield 34 +
Washington Court Schofield all
Washington Street Schofield:  1 – 169 1 – 60              866 +
Schofield:  168 – 189 odd
Schofield:  170 – 212 even
Sprague:  191 – 641 odd
Sprague:  398 – 514 even
Fiske:  254 – 396 even
Hunnewell:   516 + even
Hunnewell:  643 +
Webb Avenue Fiske all
Wedgwood Road Bates
Wellesley Avenue Hunnewell:  1 – 99 odd 392 +
Sprague:  2 – 98 even
Fiske:  100 +
Wellesley College Hunnewell
West Riding Hunnewell
Westerly Street Sprague
Westgate Road Bates
Westminster Circle Bates
Weston Road Sprague: 1 – 111 457 +
Hardy:  112 – 156 even
Sprague:  113 – 183 odd
Hardy:  185 – 321
Hardy:  422 + even
Bates:  315 + odd
Bates:  322 – 420 even
Weston Terrace Sprague
Westwood Road Hunnewell
White Oak Road Sprague
Whiting Road Fiske all
Whittier Road Schofield 19 +
Wilde Road Bates
Wildon Road Hunnewell
Wildwood Circle Hunnewell
Willow Park Fiske all
Willow Road Hardy
Willow Street Fiske all
Wilson Street Sprague
Windemere Lane Sprague
Windemere Road Sprague
Winding River Circle Hunnewell all
Winding River Road Hunnewell 158 – 199 all
Windsor Road Fiske 11 +
Wingate Road Bates
Winslow Road Fiske all
Winthrop Road Hunnewell
Wiswall Circle Sprague
Woodbine Road Hardy
Woodchester Road Sprague
Woodcliff Road Upham
Woodfield Road Hardy all
Woodland Road Bates
Woodland Hill Drive Fiske
Woodlawn Avenue Schofield
Woodlawn Oval Schofield
Woodridge Road Hunnewell
Woodside Avenue Hardy all
Woodway Road Hunnewell
Worcester Street Fiske:  1 – 200
Fiske:  202 – 422 even
Schofield:  201 – 395 odd 1 – 303
Sprague:  397 – 461 odd 965 + odd
Sprague:  490 – 722 even
Upham:  489 – 737 odd
Bates: 739 – 915 odd
Hardy:  724 + even
Hardy:  915 + odd
Wynnewood Road Upham
Yarmouth Road Bates

(1) The house numbers listed meet or exceed the distance limit for transportation. All indicates that all houses on the street are bus eligible. Blank indicates that no houses are eligible for transportation.

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