Open Enrollment Form Instructions for Parents:

  • Log into the Portal at and click the “Forms” icon
  • Click on the form called “Open Enrollment Request 2021-22 – Upham”
  • Fill out the form and click “Submit”
  • Repeat for each child that you would like to request Open Enrollment for

Click for Detailed Instructions or email for login assistance.

Implementation Guidelines for Policy JG, voted June 2, 2021:

Policy JG was adopted and revised to contend with the sometimes-competing goals of balancing class sizes and section numbers, adhering to a neighborhood school model, avoiding single sections, and honoring family preference around keeping children together. The School Committee has also affirmed its commitment to maintain a healthy Upham community until redistricting occurs. Upham has the fewest number of households from which to draw students, which has led to smaller enrollments for several years, a problem likely accelerated by the pandemic and the impending closure of the school. The unusual nature of the pre-consolidation situation at Upham necessitates some flexibility on the part of the Committee and the community in order to maintain the health of the school before it closes.

To maintain continuity within Upham until it closes, the Committee is considering applying Policy JG in the following ways:

  1. Avoiding single sections when possible, even if classes are moderately below guideline.
  2. Maximizing the number of students attending Upham by closing sections at other schools before the maximum class size guideline is reached.
    1. Such practice shall be implemented for the school year 2021-22 with Kindergarten and first-grade students at addresses currently zoned for Bates and Sprague who will be zoned to Bates, Sprague, or Hardy following redistricting, as these are the schools to which Upham families will be redistricted following consolidation.
    2. This grade-closure will apply only to families who are newly enrolling in the Wellesley Public Schools. Students already attending Bates, Sprague, or another school will not be affected.
    3. Students whose support needs require an ELL or Special Education specialized program that cannot be met by Upham’s programming will not be impacted.
    4. Families impacted by this grade-closure will be allowed to send all of their children to Upham.
    5. At the discretion of the Superintendent, students residing in the districts of other elementary schools who experience grade closure may be assigned to Upham even if it is not their closest school, provided transportation is available or the family agrees to the placement.
  3. Families who wish to do so may open-enroll their children to Upham until August 1, 2021, if Upham’s class sizes have not reached the lower end of the guideline.
  4. These practices shall be revisited as necessary each year until redistricting occurs.
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