Open Enrollment Form Instructions for Parents:

  • Log into the Portal at and click the “Forms” icon
  • Click on the form called “Open Enrollment Request 2022-23
  • Fill out the form and click “Submit”
  • Repeat for each child that you would like to request Open Enrollment for

Click for Detailed Instructions or email for login assistance.

Applications will be accepted starting March 1st and no later than April 30th. Please, submit one completed form per child.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is an option that allows parents to voluntarily request attendance at a school other than their neighborhood school. Prior to applying for Open Enrollment, a child must be registered with the District. Open Enrollment requests must be submitted to the Business Office between March 1 and May 1 for the following school year. Application forms may be downloaded from the District website and/or requested from the Central Office. A family seeking Open Enrollment for more than one student must submit a separate application for each child. Applications will be considered on an individual basis. There is no guarantee that Open Enrollment placements for more than one child in a family will be granted for each child.

All Open Enrollment applications will be reviewed after the May 1 submission deadline. Open Enrollment applications will first be considered based on the order of receipt. Decisions will be based primarily on space availability at the requested school. Additionally, the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations will consult with the principal of the requested school to further assess the learning profile of the class/grade. Maintaining an optimum learning environment for all the students within that class/grade will be a priority.

In order to ensure available seats for student residing within that attendance zone, the following space guidelines will inform decisions related to Open Enrollment:

  • From May 1 through May 31, admission may be granted if there are more than 5 spaces available in the requested grade level.
  • Applications not granted May 31, will remain active for consideration until June 30.
  • From June 1 through June 30, admission may be granted if there are more than 3 spaces available in the requested grade level.
  • No applications will be granted after June 30 for the following school year.

Once an Open Enrollment is granted, families will have 5 days to consider and accept the Open Enrollment decision in writing. Once accepted, the Open Enrollment assignment will be considered as a permanent placement and families will not have to reapply for Open Enrollment in subsequent years. Additionally, even though a student may be attending a school other than his/her neighborhood school, any future siblings of that student will still need to apply for Open Enrollment to attend the same school as their older sibling.

Students or siblings that have been affected by a grade level closure and subsequent reassignment will be given priority when making Open Enrollment decisions.

Transportation is not provided to any students who are enrolled in a school through the Open Enrollment process.

Hunnewell Swing Space 2022-23

During the 2022-23 school year, due to the Hunnewell building project, Hunnewell students will be transported to their swing space school based on grade level, as outlined below:

  • Kindergarten – Bates
  • Grade 1 – Upham
  • Grade 2 – Sprague
  • Grade 3 – Hardy
  • Grade 4 – Sprague
  • Grade 5 – Bates

Open enrollment is only necessary for Hunnewell families who wish to request a different elementary school than the one listed above.

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